why is my betta not eating

Why Is My Betta Not Eating? This Might Be The Cause

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Why is my Betta not eating? If you think that your betta is experiencing some kind of sickness, then this post is right for you.

The very first thing you absolutely must do is to consider all the necessary actions to completely clean your fish’s habitat if you suspect that it might not be clean. Change the water. Replace or clean the stones and the vegetation. Make sure water heater is optimal for your Betta. Ensure that the aquarium/fish tank is clean.

Secondly, you’ll need to evaluate your fish’s diet plan to make sure that you are feeding your betta the correct foods at the correct intervals of your time.

Thirdly, you’ll need to visually watch your fish’s appearance and behavior to determine if it might be struggling with some kind of betta fish sickness.

Preventing Betta Fish Illnesses

1.Continue to keep your Betta’s water clean. Change the water regularly. Test it regularly and make an effort to continue to keep the temp and the PH degree of water the same. Always add aquarium sodium to the water. Adding Aquarisol can also assist in preventing some infections such as Ick and Velvet and fungal parasites.

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2.Isolate any ill Betta immediately. In the first indication of illness, take away the unwell betta from the container and place him into a sterilized isolation container you have set up. I would recommend a one-gallon jar or bowl. This helps it be simpler to administer medication and keep carefully the bowl clean.

Also, keep in mind to clean the hands with a good anti-bacterial soap after managing/dealing with an ill fish. And any equipment you found in the isolation container shouldn’t be used anymore unless they are properly disinfected.

3.Usually, do not overfeed your Siamese fighting fish. Overfeeding can result in constipation, and any uneaten food can rot and lead to the growth of harmful bacterias and fungi. Remove any uneaten food at the earliest opportunity.

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4.Remove any dead fish right away! Don’t let the other fish are too long in the aquarium. A decomposing body will lead to the growth of bacterias and fungi.

5.Understand your Bettas. By watching your Bettas daily, you will observe any changes in behavior or appearance. An ill Betta may cease eating or become less energetic. His color may change, or the looks of his fins/tail may change.

Medication list

You will find few medications available at most family pet stores and you are able to treat him on your own. However, it is very important that you be prepared beforehand by keeping a few basic medications. Here the list.

Jungle Fungus Eliminator: An antifungal

Ampicillin, an antibiotic: Used to take care of Tail and/or Fin Rot, Popeye, inflamed gills, and bacterial infections. For Tail and/or Fin Rot or a bacterial infection, is a most effective combination with the Jungle Fungus Eliminator.

Tetracyclin, an antibiotic: Along with Jungle Fungus Eliminator, best for dealing with Tail and/or Fin Rot and bacterial infections.

Notes: Make sure to read and follow the instructions thoroughly. Most fish ailments will require you to treat the whole aquarium as they are extremely contagious.

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