Why Do Betta Fish Fight

Why Do Betta Fish Fight To The Death

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Wish to know why do Betta fish fight? Well, there are multiple reasons for this intense behavior. The primary reason is the folks of Southeast Asia have bred these to battle for more than 100 years.

This is a background of the popular fish and the reason why Siamese fighting fish desires to fight to the death.

Betta Background

Chinese fighting fish, also called Siamese Fighting Fish considering they are mainly seen in Siam, (known as Thailand now) are available around Southeast Asia. They normally are available in rice paddies, ditches, stagnant water, and slow-moving channels. With the existing use of chemicals to improve rice, the Betta is gradually disappearing from the paddies.

The villages of Southeast Asia used to compete with one another to determine who got the best fighting fish. The winning could have bragging rights on the dropping village.

Why do Betta fish fight?

Betta splendens can live with females in the same container, but placing two adult males in the same container, without keeping them split, may lead to trouble.

To have several males in the same container, you must maintain the peace by ensuring these are separate. You can certainly do this by giving them each their own space by using a wire fine mesh to keep them split or placing them in plastic material containers with holes in it to let circulation of water.

Which method you chose, ensure that the adult males cannot see one another.

When Siamese fighting fish ready to fight, the adult males will flare off at one another, almost doubling or tripling in proportions to intimidate his opponent. Their gills and fins definitely will flare out and their colors could become more extreme.

On the other side,¬†Betta females aren’t as intimidating as their male. However, they will develop a pecking order if you retain several in the same container.


The reason why Betta adult males fight is ideal for food, territory or even to get the adult female for reproduction. The adult female fights with other females to determine the pecking order.

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