Why Do Betta Fish Die

Why Do Betta Fish Die – 3 Common Betta Fish Disease You Have To Know

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Why do Betta fish die?

Did you know there are higher than a dozen different betta fish diseases? Although there are numerous are extensive, you have to consider the three most common and that means you can protect your pet betta fish. See how to identify and treat these diseases.

Fin Root

Fin rot is one of the most typical diseases. In the event that you keep a Siamese fighting fish long enough, you will likely experience it at least one time.

As soon as your Chinese fighting fish has fin rot, you will notice his fins begin to become brown or dark. To eliminate fin rot, first, change the water and add Melafix along with one teaspoon of aquarium salt for every five gallons of water. Raise the temp of water to about 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Additionally, it is good for increase aeration as well as decrease the light. Also, do not give food to your betta fish any dry foods until he’s well.

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Ichthyophthirius multifilis, known as Ich also, is a protozoan springtime disease of exotic fish. You will see Ich in each of the natural waters when fish are stressed as a result their immune systems are decreased by cold temperatures. Fortunately, once a fish has retrieved from it, he’ll develop immunity and can hardly ever become contaminated again.

The most frequent incidence of Ich occurs whenever a new fish from your pet store and the bag of water it came in is mishandled through the transfer.

The first introduction of the condition is a few white spots on the fins or body. Regrettably, after a couple of days, you will observe how big is the spots expand significantly. Bettas with Ich can stay alive a lot longer than other fish, but if remaining without treatment, they could pass away.

The ultimate way to treat Ich is to increase your water temperature to 90 degrees Fahrenheit and keep maintaining this temperature until the disease starts to disappear. Another easy way to treat the problem is to put aquarium salt in the water which can stop the condition from spreading.

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Just like Ich, Velvet is also a protozoa disease which is caused by Piscinoodinium. Thankfully, Velvet is treated much like Ich.

Heating the water warmer as well as adding aquarium salt can help your betta recover in a brief period of time. To avoid future infections, it is strongly suggested to frequently change your container water. Poor water quality is the main problem where Velvet flourishes.

When uneaten food, the bacteria produces toxins as well as wastes and devours o2 (oxygen). After that, the fish will have difficulty breathing or resist contamination.

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