Where Do Betta Fish Come From

Where Do Betta Fish Come From? Learn More The Origins Of Betta Fish

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for beginners questions about “where do betta fish come from” is one of the important considerations before deciding to own a betta fish. The thing that makes me sharing this information. If you ever ask the above questions, then this article is suitable for you

Betta fish are one of the very most fascinating creatures if you ask me as a pet hobbyist; using their wealthy history (where they weren’t even bred as domestic pets until significantly less than 100 years back), mixed personalities, and beautiful appearance, it’s no question increasingly more Betta keepers have sprung up in the united states during the last few decades.

Speaking historically, Betta Splendens are thought to have gotten their name from a historical clan of Asian warriors called the “Bettah.” These were given these warriors’ titles because about 150 years back people enjoyed taking part in a favorite sport that included the fighting of two of the warrior fish.

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Where Do Betta Fish Come From?

As much as you know, Betta fish started in Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and bordering nations, and were originally bred for fighting with each other, not for show. Actually, 150 years ago roughly, Betta fish fighting was actually taxed and controlled by the ruler of Siam (Siam is currently called Thailand, and it is where in fact the “Siamese Fighting with each other Fish” title originates from).

It had been not until 1896 that Bettas started to appear beyond Asia, whenever a few breeding pairs were introduced in Germany, rather than until 1910 did the varieties start to appear in the US.

Though scientist Frank Locke of San Franciso received several Betta Splendens, he thought he previously discovered fresh types when one of is own fish had much longer, red fins.

Actually, what he was actually viewing was the to begin an all natural mutation in the Betta Splendens varieties that offered them more color.

Since that time, these fish have been bred progressively for color, fin size/form, and a good demeanor and elevated to be sold as home domestic pets.

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Natural Habitat

A Betta fish’s natural habitat is within shallow, tropical water. It is because they have the ability to surface frequently, to be able to inhale air.

They could be found in grain paddies, drainage ditches, sluggish moving channels and freshwater ponds. Siamese fighting fish have even been known thriving in large puddles! Their natural food source is bugs, small fish and mosquito larvae.

Where do you find quality betta fish?

Purchasing a betta can be difficult unless you know where to start. Thankfully, you’ll find so many information here to help you keeping quality betta fish. Here the following information:

Join club

Every interest and hobby group has gatherings you can join, and the betta lovers are no different. At these organizations or conventions, you will see a lot of betta hobbyists who are able to immediate you to a great spot to purchase your Betta. They’ll know of reputable sellers that can provide you quality betta fish.


Despite the fact that joining betta-loving organizations is a superb way to obtain information, consider other available choices as well. On the Internet, you will find countless forums and tips that can help you find out more about your Siamese fighting fish. You can even do some searching online for niche stores locally, not only regular family pet stores.


If none of the above-mentioned suggestions do the job, join a global or country-wide organization. Upon becoming a member of these groups you’ll be able to go to shows and meet all types of breeders who’ve quality bettas on the market.

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