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What Other Fish Can Live with Bettas

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What Other Fish Can Live with Bettas – In this article, it is spoken at length about Fish THAT MAY Live TOGETHER WITH YOUR Betta. Can other fish live with Bettas? And if so, those? The answer depends upon whether your Betta is male or female and on the average person Betta. Female Betta fish are significantly less intense than males. There are also shorter fins that are less inclined to be fin-nipped. This makes them better suitable for the city aquarium than male Bettas are, but even some specific male Bettas can be held with various other varieties of fish.

There are always a handful of other factors you will need to consider when deciding when you can have fish along with your Betta. They will be the size of your container, and the amount of vegetation and other items within the container.

The bigger the tank, the simpler it is perfect for a fish to remain from bullies. The greater plant life and other adornments there are the greater hiding places and visual obstacles there are. This implies an intense fish must work harder to find fishes to bully.

What never to keep with male Bettas

Male Betta fish should not be kept with other male Bettas, and really should not be kept with feminine Bettas in every, however, the largest of tanks. Other fish that go along very terribly with male Bettas include small gouramis and guppies. Male Bettas mistake these for other male Bettas and can assault and harass them unmercifully. Guppies will probably get wiped out by an upset male Betta. Bettas are especially more likely to strike redfish, so staying away from fish that are this color can help avoid problems in your container.

Large gouramis might harass Bettas. Generally, gouramis go along terribly with Bettas whichever has been the aggressor. Barbs or any other fish that loves to fin-nip are also a bad idea as they’ll harass your Betta and harm its fins. Tiger barbs are notorious because of this. Large fish that swim may frighten your Betta quickly, and if your Betta is within a tank filled with greedy feeders such as barbs it’ll oftimes be outcompeted for food.

Fish that can coexist with Bettas

Just what exactly fish can live with a male Betta? Tetras apart from Serpaes, that are red and sometimes nip other fish’s fins, may work. Corydoras catfish are also a great wager as they are extremely peaceful and look very different from another Betta. Angelfish, platies, and mollies could also work, even if you want to avoid redfish unless they may be angelfish that are bigger than the Betta.

Additionally, it is best to have significantly more than an added fish, so that any Betta aggression gets dispersed over multiple fish. Tetras and Corydoras are happier and well informed in organizations anyhow, as schooling is a protection against predators in the open.

Female Bettas

Feminine Bettas are less intense than males. In addition, the absence of the long fins, making them less interesting to fin-nipping fish. This makes them much simpler to fit into the community tank. They can still be aggressive towards one another and towards small gouramis, nevertheless, you are significantly less likely to come across issues that are unmanageable.


You will find fish that can live with Bettas, but it is advisable to be cautious. Bettas differ in temperament plus some are a lot more intense than others. In the event that you buy a double-sized fry capture, this is used to temporarily individual an intense fish or even to protect a timid one. Make sure that the Betta has usage of the surface within the snare, as Bettas need atmospheric air. These fry traps are of help as using one provides you time to discover a more long-term solution.

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