What Kind Of Fish Can Live In A Bowl

What Kind Of Fish Can Live In A Bowl? Find Out Here

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Have limited room is indeed a consideration in keeping the fish at home and the solution is kept in a bowl, then the question is what kind of fish can live in a bowl? My answer is four, and I will explain below in this.

Traditional glass fish bowls are often around one gallon: This implies your fish has limitation to move, therefore selecting new fish is very important.

What kind of fish can live in a bowl?


Guppies are beautiful fish that brighten any container. Guppies have large, brilliantly colored dorsal fins and are easy to keep. The male fish have brighter colors and bigger fins, which makes it easy to inform the female and male apart.

Although they don’t really need an enormous tank, they must have at least a gallon of water per fish and keep temperatures between 50 and 80 degrees F. You will want to change the water at least one time weekly.


Tetras will be perfect for a newbie. They may be bright, colorful and incredibly active, so they’re lots of fun to watch. They’re small also, therefore you can have several, even though you have a smaller container. That is good because tetras do just fine at least 3 to 5 fish in a bowl.

Tetras can live peacefully with numerous kinds of tetras and also other community fish. They do need a full container setup, including a heating unit and filtration system, but that’s something you’ll encounter with any tropical fish.

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The favorite angelfish is much less delicate or difficult to keep as many folks think. They may be community fish and can live with other exotic community fish quite peacefully. They actually grow up to 6 inches long, though, so they shouldn’t be held in a container that’s significantly less than 20 gallons. Adult angelfish can often be intense, so don’t expose young, small fish into a container with a full-grown angelfish.


Plecos aren’t the most colorful, but they’re useful fish to have since they eat the algae on the edges and bottom level of your container. That’s right, Plecos help you clean your container.

They’re peaceful fish that maintain themselves, however, they do feel convenient if indeed they have a cave or greatly planted area where they can hide out. Although they have a tendency to fill on the fish’s leftovers, you may want to drop within an algae wafer once in a while to product their diet.

What about betta fish?

Despite the fact that bettas tend to be seen in really small tanks or bowl, they may be poor homes for these beautiful fish. Small bowl can easily spike in ammonia and nitrite levels that are harmful to the fish. In the open when bettas get caught in small swimming pools they are aided by tropical rains and natural vegetation that assist decrease the number of poisons in their water.

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Additionally, it is difficult to keep up a well-balanced heat for bettas when these are kept in small storage containers. In the open, the ground and moderate weather of the tropics keep carefully the fish at very steady temps both night and day. When held in captivity, temperature ranges can transform quickly credited to chilling and heating system in an office or home.


Hopefully, the above article about what kind of fish can live in a bowl can make you as an owner become understands the needs of your pet fish. See you in the next article.

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