What Do Betta Fish Like

What Do Betta Fish Like? Find Out Here, If Your Fish Really Betta

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What Do Betta Fish Like?

Betta fish as known as Siamese fighting fish is a freshwater fish that is kept as an ornamental fish. This fish comes from Southeast Asia or more precisely from Cambodia, Myanmar, Laos, and Thailand. In the original habitat, these fish can be found in rice fields, canals, and rivers.

This fish is popular because of its fins, tail and dazzling colors. In addition, male fighting fish have a fighting nature when met with other male fish. This is what makes the fighting fish become interesting and worthy to be maintained at home. Well if you want to know more what do betta fish like about food and others, please read more information below.

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Betta fish food

There are five types of food for betta fish you can be purchased at a pet store, that is:

A. Betta fish pellets= A pellet made specifically for Betta fish. This type of food is easy to get at your favorite local fish shop.

B. Frozen food= This type usually have two choices are blood worms and shrimp.

C. Dried food =The opposite of frozen food, this type of food is dried and is one favored by Betta fish.

D. Live food= This type of food is usually expensive but highly favored by betta fish.

E. Fish flakes = You can try and feed these to your Betta, but some Betta’s doesn’t like them.

Betta fish fact

what do betta fish like in their tank

what do betta fish eggs look like

what does a betta fish look like

  1. Betta name does not refer to one type of fish, but 70 species of fish. While the Betta is meant here is Siamese fighting fish a.k.a Betta Splendens.
  2. Betta fish is a territorial fish, so if there are two fish in one tank, then it can be sure to fight with each other.
  3. In the wild, Betta Splendens eat flies, small fish, mosquitoes and even grasshoppers.
  4. Betta fish has a variety of tail forms including Halfmoon, Halfsun, Doubletail and many more. To know more details, following links.
  5. Wild fighting fish has a dull brown color and green with red color in the fins, but with the progress of science then obtained bright colors.
  6. Most male Bettas are purchased because of the color and the tail are varied, while the betta is purchased only for bred only.
  7. Betta fish is a labyrinth fish as known as Anabantoids, so it can live without water for several hours. Anabantoids is a specialized organ that makes betta can breathe the air.
  8. The bubble nest is a sign that your Betta fish are happy and healthy. In the wild, the bubble nest is made for the purpose of mating.
  9. After laying eggs, male betta fish will repel the females from the nest so that keep the eggs from the threat of predators are Betta males.
  10. Betta Splendens is a smart fish, so you can practice like following the finger around the tank.


what betta fish like

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Hopefully, the above article about “what do betta fish like” can answer your doubts about this fish. Remember, to know more about betta fish, read on here.

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