What Can I Feed My Betta Fish

What Can I Feed My Betta Fish? 5 Best Types Of Betta Fish Food

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What can I feed my Betta fish?

Siamese fighting fish should be given a diet plan that is full of proteins. This meat-eating fish variety thrives on aquatic worms and dropped insects in outdoors.

To meet a diet plan that your Betta could have use of in their natural habitat, you should provide a wide selection of food. If you fail to achieve a different diet for your Betta, try to bring in one new food every week. Betta’s cannot survive simply on vegetables or plant root base.

A Betta splendens that come with a healthy diet plan is less likely to get diseases compared to one which is fed badly. Below is the type of food you can give to betta fish at home.

1. Floating Pellets

Floating Pellets are most likely the most frequent Betta food used and considered a staple, meaning this is exactly what your primary food source will be.

There are several pellet sizes and brands available so choosing the high-quality Betta pellet is important. Always browse the ingredients and choose a Betta pellet that is full of protein.

2. Sinking Pellets

Sinking Pellets may also be used as a food for your Betta, in the outdoors Betta fish typically eat off the top of the water, so sinking pellets don’t mimic this behavioral instinct.

3. Betta Flakes

Betta Flakes are another food, but very difficult to handle how much you are feeding. {lakes also sink fast and are extremely hard to take out if uneaten.

4. Bloodworms

Most Chinese fighting fish LOVE bloodworms. You can purchase them frozen in little cubes that have a huge selection of little worms.

5. Freeze Dried

Must be used for alternative food, they have low nutritional vitamins and may be used to replace a couple of meals weekly but not as a staple food.

How Often Do I Feed My Betta?

You should give food to your Betta 2 times each day. This reduces the chance of your Betta becoming constipated. Don’t fear, our Betta shall not starve, in fact, it would take fourteen days to die of starvation.

Feeding your Betta splendens in the morning hours and night allows the food they have swallowed to be digested before they have their next food.

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