The Fighting Fish

What is betta fish popeye? Betta fish popeye is definitely a disease that creates a fish’s eyes to protrude utilizing their heads. That is contamination that will result from filthy or neglected container drinking water also. In order to avoid […]

This article covers all you have to learn about betta fish swim bladder disease, how to proceed if it happens to your fish, and preventing it. What’s betta fish Swim Bladder Disease? Despite the true name, swim bladder disease isn’t […]

Perhaps, the most challenging thing when keeping a betta is how often do you feed a betta fish every day. For the novices, this article will talk about how to give food to betta fish properly, combined with the related […]

Betta tankmates are essential in the social progress of your fish, as well as supporting give a cleaning service, or other important functions in the healthiness of your container. Choosing roommates must be achieved carefully, though. Since betta fish are […]

Fin rot betta fish is a comparatively common condition. It is the effect of a bacterial contamination that triggers fin cells to rot away. You might be thinking what might lead to your fish to build up this disease, then […]