The Fighting Fish

Do betta fish grow? My answer is yes. To know more read this article here. Betta fish belongs to Animalia kingdom, chordate phylum, Actinopterygii course, Perciformes order, Osphronemidae family, Betta B, and genus. Splendens species. History The Siamese fighting fish […]

Your female betta tank mates need a live plant to improves your betta’s lifestyle. All Siamese fighting fish live much longer and fuller lives when they cohabitate with vegetation instead of in a vacant tank. The proper plant live release […]

Whether you’ve owned betta Splendens your complete life or simply recently started keeping them, sooner or later you’ll question or be asked the question: Why do betta fish fight with other fish? Find your answer in this article. Why do […]

Can Bettas live with other fish? My answer is yes. When you have a single male Betta you might be thinking about finding some tankmates to keep him company or adding him to a community container environment, then this short […]

Betta Tail rot is usually caused by bacterias that are residing in your aquarium. All tanks have this bacteria in them, and it’s not really inherently harmful. Why is this kind of bacterias harmful if the container is usually not […]

I see and hear a lot of individuals asking how to keep betta fish care water clean and many wish to know which kind of water their betta fish needs in this article I will tell you how to care […]