Lifespan Of Betta Fish

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Lifespan Of Betta Fish – Perhaps you have ever wondered about the average lifespan of betta fish? Learn the most typical mistakes people make with their Siamese fighting fish and ways to avoid your bettas getting unwell or dying prematurely.

The lifespan of Betta fish

The very first thing to understand is that if you have your betta from a pet store, probabilities are that it may already be six months or a year old. Many people don’t understand this and think that their betta is only a few weeks or a month old.

The next matter to know would be that the male betta does not usually live so long as the females. The majority of the time the females get longer life than the males by 6 months to a year

The way the betta Ssplendens grew up through the first couple of months is a huge factor in identifying how long it will live. In the event that you buy a betta fish from a specialist breeder, you will likely have a healthy fish that will live a couple of years longer than the common fish.

A specialist breeder usually knows very well what the perfect water conditions and food are for a betta, and this diet and access to fish medication usually leads to a healthier Chinese fighting fish.

In South East Asia, they commonly live to be about five to six years old, and the main explanations why are because the people there make changing their water regularly and never overfeeding their betta fish a priority.

Another case in America, bettas live to be about two or 3 years old in the United States, so you should think about trying to supply the proper nutrition, good water conditions, and take care of your fish.

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Betta fish care for beginner

Cleaning your tank

Ensure that your fish tank is clean – cleanliness is very important for a Betta fish if you notice leftover food a few moments after nourishing ( about 30-45 minutes), draw it out with your net to be able to avoid fungal or bacteria growth.

Feeding Your Fighting Fish

You might give food to it regular fish food, which originates from a container. Or give your betta live food such as bloodworms and brine shrimps. These can all be found at a family pet store.

While the second item is a relatively more realistic way to give food to your Betta, either works. And you may even blend up both methods, keeping more variety in your fish’s life. In the final end, it boils down to your unique choice and budget.

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You need to give food to a Betta several times each day in smaller amounts than providing them with one meal per day. Focus on your Betta, watching out if it looks sluggish. This may mean it could have a Betta fish disease.

Change The Water Often

Be sure you change the water often, also keep in mind to remove particles and extra food from the tank. Have you considered all the symptoms associated with an ill Betta fish? If it seems to have trouble going swimming, seems bloated or underweight, or appear sidetracked, they have probably contracted a sickness.

You need to be very nurturing of them if that’s so. Since Betta fish need a great deal of treatment when they’re ill, you need to concentrate your energy on avoiding diseases, then wanting to remedy them later on.

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Increasing the lifespan

An essential aspect of increasing the lifespan of Betta fish is to attempt to give it space to go around. The advantage of having a larger betta tank significantly outweighs having your fish in a small cup or bowl, and requires less regular water changes.

It is because, in a smaller, confined space, water will accumulate fish poop and ammonia rapidly, which can decrease the fish’s lifespan by making it harder to allow them to breathe. With a larger container, the water does not get dirty easily and harder for your betta Ssplendens to live in.

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