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The Truth About Life Expectancy Of Betta Fish At Pet Shop

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When you buy a Betta fish in the family pet shop are typically four weeks old. This is usually when their fins and color are at the complete blast. If you buy a healthful Betta, the common life expectancy of betta fish is definitely at least two years, but many frequently live onto four years.

But don’t worry, With extra special care and attention lifespan of betta fish can be longer than 4 years.

Tips to increase the life expectancy of betta fish

You will find several things you can do to extend Betta fish life expectancy. For even more information go through the content below.

Clean Water

Keeping your fish tank clean as well as your water fresh is the sole most significant aspect of having an extended Betta fish lifespan. Every time you go without cleaning your container when needed, it decreases your Betta’s disease fighting capability and can result in bad condition and disease.

A good guideline is to improve water tank every two times per gallon of water. For instance, change a one-gallon aquarium every two times, a two-gallon aquarium every four times, etc.

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Air Filtration

Because Betta’s can breathe air in water and the environment, purification systems tend to be considered unnecessary for your Betta’s aquarium. To improve your Betta’s lifespan, air filtration is vital. An air filtering will remove waste materials and add more air to water which means that your Betta doesn’t have to work as troublesome for air

Low Stress

Though Bettas can live with tank mates, it increases a Betta’s stress level greatly, resulting in a weakened disease fighting capability. Bettas are natural fighters, so even if the container mates are not intense and avoid the Betta, the Betta’s defenses are high constantly.

With other fish in the tank, the Betta’s is limited because of it space to swim and exercise, making your Betta claustrophobic and unhappy. Tank mates also boost the Betta’s chances of being injured. The Betta’s fins are extremely delicate, so a good little nibble or faucet by another fish can result in a tear and fin rot.


Though Betta’s may survive in a little fish bowl, they will thrive in a big aquarium. The larger the tank, the much longer the Betta fish lifespan. Having space to swim, explore and conceal is vital to a Betta’s lifespan. You ought to have at least a two-gallon container for your Betta, but a five-gallon container is preferable.

Live vegetation and aquarium toys are also ideal for Betta fish. Soft, live plant life will be the perfect spot to conceal and sleep, and aquarium playthings provide hours of entertainment and exercise. Remember to only use smooth smooth vegetation and smooth playthings which means that your Betta will not snag its beautiful fins on pointy or jagged sides.

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Keep male betta separate

Bettas are called Siamese Fighting Fish for reasonable. Male bettas are fiercely territorial and would become intense and battle any intruder that makes their territory. In the event that you intend to keep several male Betta, you will result in a great deal of friction if they’re held in the same container.

If you possibly could, it’s easier to keep your male bettas in individual tanks completely to avoid incessant territorial battles that could reduce their lifespan.


The breeding process has a substantial role in identifying the betta fish lifetime. So long as your fish had not been used for the intended purpose of mating or spawning, it ought to be in a position to have an extended lifetime than the common 2 yrs.

Try to discover just as much as you can about the betta you’ve planned on buying. Don’t hesitate to ask questions from the breeder or family pet store you are purchasing the betta fish from. The greater you understand about its background, the better.


There is absolutely no argument over the actual fact about the life expectancy of betta fish depend on the grade of diet they are being provided as well. A very important factor you can control is the quantity of food you give her or him. Avoid over nourishing since it could business lead to weight problems and a youthful than expected loss of life. Suggested food for Betta fish are pellets, bloodstream worms, and brine shrimp.

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