How To Tell If Your Betta Fish Is Sick

How To Tell If Your Betta Fish Is Sick – Betta Disease Diagnosis

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How to tell if your Betta fish is sick?

Betta fish make fun and beautiful pets house in the world, but probably your betta fish will get sick and tired sooner or later in time. It’s important that you will be ready to treat your betta when he’s sick which includes being conscious of various diseases that have an effect on the betta, their symptoms, and ways to treat them.

Once you know the fundamentals of betta splendens diseases you’ll be better ready to identify and treat your betta to avoid the illness becoming too serious or even fatal.

Listed below are 9 of the most typical diseases that affect Siamese fighting fish.

Clamped Fins

In case your Betta’s fins are always near his body, he could have clamped fins then. Clamped fins is a sure indication of poor water quality. Start substituting 50% of the water every single day until water quality is way better and his fins are cured.


Ich is a significant and contagious parasite. In the event that you notice small white dots on your Betta’s body, he will need to have Ich and need immediate treatment.

Ich can occur because of fluctuating water conditions or other stressful situations your Betta. Unhappy Betta splendens are a lot more susceptible to parasites and other health problems.


Big spots of grey or white is most probably a fungus contamination. These growths will be bigger than with Ich. If left with no treatment, it may begin to appear like a fuzzy white growth.

Fin Rot or Tail

Tail or Fin Rot can be diagnosed by analyzing his fins and/or tail. If they look like torn up, are becoming shorter, or have holes in them, he probably has contracted Fin or Tail rot then.

Fin rot originates from a bacterial infestation and it is one of the most usual illnesses of the Chinese fighting fish. Fin rot can move extremely fast to the rest of the body, so it must be taken care right away. In really bad situations you might see bleeding or red fins.


Bettas will be most healthy when eating numerous types of food. In case your Betta has a standard amount of daily going swimming but has a swollen stomach, he is constipated probably.


In the event that you notice yellow dust particles on his body, then he has Velvet probably. It might be difficult to identify, so if you are not sure, shine a light on his body to check on.

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In case your Betta is showing raised scales and a big abdomen, he has Dropsy. For bad cases really, when viewing it from above the scales can happen to be just like an open pine cone.


In the event that you notice your Betta’s eye popping out if it’s foggy or has a bubble together with it, he has gotten Popeye then. It really is quick to identify and not at all hard to treat.


If you were to think your Betta has Tuberculosis, be sure to placed on gloves before depositing your hand in the water. Tuberculosis can be transmitted to a person so be sure you have no open cuts to depositing your hand in the water

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