How To Keep A Betta Fish Alive

How To Keep A Betta Fish Alive, Follow 3 Easy Steps To Get Longer Life

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How to keep a Betta fish alive?

Betta fish are one of the very most popular pet fish in the world. With this reputation attended many misconceptions about how exactly to look after Siamese fighting fish. Many people think that these fish stay in small puddles in Thailand, and for that reason don’t need much space or treatment.

That is true only during droughts. While they could survive in poor conditions for some time, they shall not thrive, and most will surely not be happy without proper care.

1.  Tank

First, Betta fish need at least a 2.5-gallon tank to have sufficient room to swim around. This container should ideally be wider than it is tall. It will need to have a cover to keep betta from jumping out. Make sure that the cover will not completely block out the oxygen because your fish will need it to breathing. Also, make sure that there surely is a lot of access to the top for your fish. They breathing the oxygen from the surface and can drown if indeed they can’t reach the surface.

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2. Water

Second, you may use plain tap water for your fish so long as you put water treatment in it to get the chlorine away. Your water will also need some time to begin bacteria development to cycle ammonia your fish produces from the water. If you don’t wanna waiting too long, in the marketplace you will find products that will kick-start this cycle and get you ready for your fish.

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3. Food

Third, Chinese fighting fish can be picky eaters. For everyday feeding, you can provide them pellets that are specifically designed for Betta splendens, but it is good practice to sometimes provide them with a big change of steps like bloodworms or brine shrimp.

When feeding your fish, only provide them with enough food to complete eating in two minutes. Any extra food might lead to bad bacteria to increase in your container. Be sure never to overfeed your fish.

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