How To Clean Betta Fish Bowl? A Simple Guide

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How to clean Betta fish bowl?

Cleaning the betta fish bowl is a form of attention and sincerity from the owner so that the Betta fish is always healthy, but for beginners, the job of cleaning the bowl can be confusing. In order to avoid the mistakes that cause fish stress, you must know how to properly clean the bowl. For that, please read the complete guide below.

A Simple Guide

The cleaning portion is simple but a delicate one, since the bowls are a lot more fragile compared to the full-fledged tanks, because of their shape. It’s also advisable to take the time to work carefully with wet hands as there is more likelihood of slipping them out through your grips.

1. Collect All of the Supplies

To start out cleaning, you need to collect all of the required supplies. You will need three main items:

-A bottle brush
-Small fishnet
-A little bowl

It might be easier to keep carefully the fresh water in a jug for just one night. This provides the temperature of the water to the proper levels. This real way, your fighting fish won’t get shocked. However, the pH level of the water may also affect the Chinese fighting fish. Hence, it might be smart to buy ‘Betta Water’.

The water doesn’t require an excessive amount of cash, nonetheless, it offers a suitable environment for your fighting fish. You can attempt the pH levels of your plain tap water and decide whether to go with the purchase or not.

2. Relocation The Fish

You should take away the fish from the fishbowl. Because of this, you may use a little fish net and collect the fish in the other container. Be sure you cover the container so that, the fish can’t jump out to hurt itself. Use a little bit of paper or another plain thing to cover the container.

3. Take Away The Accessories From The Bowl

The fishes are out from the tank. Now, you can begin removing the decorative items from the tank. You can collect these things in a bowl. The decorative items additionally require cleaning, so collecting them in a bowl will be a better idea. So, collect all of the accessories in a plastic bowl to help make the further process easier.

4. Eliminate The Dirty Water

The fishbowl has dirty water in it now. Tilt the bowl to pour out the dirty water slowly. In case you have pebbles in your bowl, get this to process as slow as possible. Use both hands to carry the pebbles when the dirty water is certainly going out. The pebbles could be a little heavy, which means you have to take proper precautions. Take the bowl to the sink first, hold it carefully, and pour out the water slowly.

5. Take Those Pebbles Away

Now, you can pour out the pebbles in the plastic bowl with the other accessories to begin the cleaning process.

6. Clean The Accessories and Bowl

You can begin the cleaning process with the pebbles and accessories. Use a bottle brush, mild dish soap and water to completely clean them. Be sure that the soap is safe for the wildlife. There are special cleaning soaps available for sale which you can use.

For the pebbles, you will need hot running water. You should employ your hands to eliminate the slime and betta food remains from the rocks. For the bowl, you can clean it through the use of running water and a bottle brush together with your hands.

Be sure you remove all of the shards of rock before wiping the bowl. The shards could cause harm to the bowl. Once, you have cleaned everything, put the accessories and pebbles back in the bowl. At last, you may take the jug with the Siamese fighting fish and pour it slowly into the fishbowl. Ensure that the sediments of dirt and debris in the jug don’t reach the fishbowl.

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