How To Breed Betta Fish

How To Breed Betta Fish? An Easy Guide

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How To Breed Betta Fish?

Siamese fighting fish or who is known to many as the betta fish is a freshwater fish that originates from the Mekong River in Southeast Asia. As one of the fish that kept people, certainly, there is a desire to cultivate fish. Well before discussing more the breed betta fish, first of all, you should know that is how to differentiate the male betta with females.

Male Vs Female

Males or females betta fish are easy to distinguish, here’s more information:


the color is bright and light.
Body larger than females.
tail and his fins are longer.
have an aggressive nature.


Betta females have a pale color and unattractive.
Body is smaller and had a rather large belly.
Tail and his fins are shorter although already mature.
Not have an aggressive nature and can combine with other fish as long as there’s an empty place in the aquarium.
After you know the difference between males and females betta fish, then the next step is breed betta fish.
Betta fish farming
Betta fish can be mated in an Aquarium of at least length 15 cm x width 15 cm x height 20 cm.


One of the main keys to let fish betta who want healthy always mated i.e. clean water quality. Do the turn of water every 3 days or 7 days with the proportion of 30% and 70% old water new water or 50% water and 50% old water recently.

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The terms Betta can be mated


-Age of approximately 4 months.
-The shape of the body and its fins are long and brightly colored
-Movement is aggressive and energetic.
-Healthy body Condition (not contract the disease).


-Age has reached +-4 months.
-Rounded body shape indicates it is ready to mate.
-Movement is slow.
-The fins are short and unattractive color.
-Healthy body condition.

Prepare A Container Of Spawning

1. You can use a container in the form of aquarium, barrels or plastic basin/bucket as a place of spawning. Do not use a place that is too wide.

2. Fill with water that has been deposited with a depth between 10 s/d 15 Cm (4 to 5inches). This is intended so that the water temperature at the bottom isn’t too cold, It aims to facilitate the males care for the eggs and baby fish that fell from the foam. The required temperature between 21 and 31 degrees Celsius, for spawning ideally is 25 degrees Celsius.

3. Prepare a medium can be water plants such as Java Moss, styrofoam pieces or clear plastic sheet so that the male can create foam/nests and lay eggs. Usually, I often use clear plastic with consideration could monitor the eggs. Plastic size 10 × 15 cm. or 10 × 10 cm.

4. Do not forget to give a bit of salt to the place where the spawning will be performed, this was done because in order to minimize the growth of a fungus that can invade our Chinese fighting fish.

Breeding Process Of Betta Fish

1. Enter the male betta to a container that has been prepared and leave for 2 days so that males feel comfortable in the new place.

2. Enter Female slowly into the container and give it a spawning separator that can be seen either. This meant that the females do not interfere with the betta male when building nests and that they look at each other and see if they “love” each other.

3. In a tempo of between 2 and 8 hours, the male will build a foam substrate on which will be used as a flirt. Nests made by the male by taking air bubbles from the surface and release it under the surface of leaves or aquatic plants that float on the surface of the water. When females are attracted by the males and ready for mated can be seen on the sign-shaped vertical transverse in his body with a dark color. But don’t be in a hurry to mix both, let each in place for 1 to 2 days.

4. Release the females on the afternoon of the next day.

5. The males will soon be approaching and seducing the female while developing his fins like a wish to fight. This is commonplace and their instinct is to show that they are very powerful and will produce children who are also strong in order to survive in the wild.

6. At the time of spawning, males will be wrapped around the body and envelop the parent body of the female form of the letter “U” with a ventral to each other until the female secrete egg is fertilized by the sperm of the soon to be males. The eggs will fall to the floor and immediately taken the male with his mouth to be put in the nest of foam. The process of spawning this could last for many hours and with the process over and over again, and it is a ritual that is very interesting to look at.

7. Spawning activities ended with the signs si males repel females in order to get away from the nest of foam.

8. After spawning activities are done, immediately lifting the female parent and put it in the aquarium with the treatment given methylene blue/pomate for the treatment of injuries due to spawning, and can be mated again after a 3-4 week. Furthermore, the job of guarding the eggs and caring for the baby was taken over by the male.

9. If during 3 days the male betta make no nests of foam or the female doesn’t want to lay eggs soon lift and replace with other couples.

10. Repeat the above process with a pair of replacement/backup.

11. The fertile eggs will hatch within 24 hours at a temperature ranging from 25 degrees Celsius. And 2 days later the baby would look needle-sized fish with a blackish color.

12. When the baby fish have been able to swim freely, the male parent may soon be lifted and placed on a treatment/quarantine aquarium. After 7 days the male parent is ready for mated again. It should be noted that fighting fish will never want to mate with females that are not of his choosing, so you can’t really force them to mate.

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