How Often Do You Feed Betta Fish

How Often Do You Feed Betta Fish? A Simple Guide

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Feeding a Siamese fighting fish is probably the hardest part of maintaining. So, how much should you feed a betta fish? How often do you feed betta fish? What do you give food to a betta fish? They are all relevant questions that you can find the answer below.

How often do you feed Betta fish?

Some bettas are bigger than others so that you can choose twice a day. For young and small bettas, do one time per day. This is actually the only guideline regarding the frequency of feeding.

In the wild, Chinese fighting fish eats irregularly, so skipping food occasionally is no bad thing. Keep close track of the fish to observe how it handles the frequency of feeding.

So, how often when you feed your fighting fish depends upon how bloated it becomes, how active or vibrant it looks and just how much waste is in the tank. We advise that once in awhile the routine is changed for betta health.

How much should you feed a betta fish?

The stomach of the betta splendens is incredibly small. If you have a big container full of fish, you typically follow the rules on the back of the packet this says, give food to what your fish can eat within 2 minutes. This guideline can be implemented when you keep Chinese fighting fish with other fish/varieties.

If you keep maintaining the betta splendens alone, as is what most people do, you should give food to the Siamese fighting fish 2-3 betta pellets once or twice a day.

What do you give food to a betta fish?

Here’s a list of the actual betta splendens can eat:

  • Frozen betta food
  • Betta Fish Pellets
  • Live betta food
  • Fish Flake food
  • Freeze dried food

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There are three things you must remember:

  1. Feed the betta fish live food whenever you can.
  2. Give Betta fish the 3 pellet size amounts once or twice a day, use pellet size as helpful information.
  3. It’s alright for the fish not to eat for two days, but don’t make it a normal thing.

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