how often do you feed a betta fish

How Often Do You Feed A Betta Fish Every Day?

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Perhaps, the most challenging thing when keeping a betta is how often do you feed a betta fish every day. For the novices, this article will talk about how to give food to betta fish properly, combined with the related problems. So what you waiting for, read this article to learn more!

How often do you feed a betta?

One of the primary things to keep in mind with Siamese fighting fish is that exactly like with other freshwater fish, they are inclined to overfeeding. Fish may be amazing domestic pets, however, they definitely aren’t the smartest animals out there, and which means that they can continue eating and eating until they just about blow up.

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Once feeding the betta fish, you must consider the figures. Rather of losing the food when you do not maintain a lot of betta fish, you should just give food to enough the foods. Regularly, they only take 2 minutes to consume food that you give.

From that aside, you nevertheless still need to give consideration the betta fishes, which eat over two minutes because they likely get body fat.

It sounds unusual, however, the fish could possibly become excess fat time to time. It’s important to check the encompassing stomach of the fish. In the event that you identify the bulge indication, this means they are really obese.

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What you should Feed A Betta Fish

Ok, betta fish are also called fighting fish, which is because they are extremely territorial and aggressive, which is partly because of the fact they are highly carnivorous and find out other fish as a danger with their live food source.

A betta fish’s diet should contain around 60 to 70 percent proteins, with about 20 percent vegetables and greens, and the rest being carbohydrates. There are many different good food options for your betta fish so let’s just review those quickly.

Fish Flakes

That is a great option to get with if you would like to save a small amount of money but still give your betta fish a good meal. Fish flakes for carnivorous fish will have all the necessary nutrition that your betta fish must be happy and healthy.

Frozen Food

You may get frozen food such as frozen bloodworms, brine shrimp, or daphnia. They are great because they have plenty of proteins, are ideal for a betta fish’s diet, plus they aren’t everything expensive either.

Betta Pellets

Another good food option to get with are betta fish pellets. Take into account that these fish do involve some fairly strict diet requirements and that means you can’t give food to them any old common fish pellets. They have to be betta fish pellets.


Live Foods

There are a few good live food options to look with including brine shrimp, daphnia, insect larvae, and bloodworms. They are perhaps the priciest foods you can get for your betta fish, however, they will definitely enjoy them.

Freeze Dried Foods

This sort of food is also going to be fairly expensive to buy in comparison to a few of the other available choices though Betta fish love this kind of food because of the fresh taste.

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