How Much Do Betta Fish Eat

How Much Do Betta Fish Eat – The Best Way To Feed Betta Fish

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What do Betta fish eat? How much do Betta fish eat? Are you confused by all those questions? Don’t worry if you’re confused, you’re not alone. In this article, you can find out how much you feed the Siamese fighting fish in a day.

What do Betta fish eat?

Like other fish, Siamese fighting fish have to be given the right amount and right kind of food on a regular basis. The Betta fish is known as a carnivorous species and will prey on water-bound insect larvae,  mosquito larvae, and zooplankton in the open.

Most Betta’s raised in captivity feed on an assortment of daphnia, bloodworms, and brine shrimp. Combination Betta Pellets are an incredibly popular choice among keepers. These kinds of food pellets are a precise combination of regular fish food such as bloodworms, mashed shrimp meal and with special nutritional vitamin supplements added in.

Research shows that this combination improves the betta fish disease fighting capability, enhances the Betta’s colors and promotes longevity.

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How much do betta fish eat

Have you any idea what size a Betta fish’s stomach is? It’s about the size of its eyeball. Furthermore, Bettas don’t eat normally in the open as they often times do in captivity, and they also have extremely slow and efficient metabolisms.

Actually, they can go seven days without eating if indeed they have to, making overfeeding a more common danger to Betta health than starvation

On the side of your bottle of Betta food, there will likely be instructions. Ignore them. They often times recommend feeding 3-4 pellets two times per day, and this is merely far too much food. Instead, give 1-2 pellets in the morning and 1-2 pellets during the night are the perfect amount.

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It is advisable to try to feed your fish at the same time every day. In the event that you give food to your fish high-quality food, this will certainly increase the quality of your fishes’ life and keep them strong and very happy.

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