How Long Does Betta Fish Live
How Long Does Betta Fish Live

How Long Does Betta Fish Live? Tips To Increase Lifespan

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How Long Does Betta Fish Live – Chinese fighting fish as known as Betta fish is considered to be one of the very most beautiful fish to grace freshwater. No surprise that lots of people are asking: How long does a Betta fish live? Like the majority of questions though, this isn’t something is likely to be easy to answer at all, although I’ll do the best to answer your question and make sure you know exactly how to increase the lifespan of your Siamese fighting fish.

How long does betta fish live?

The common lifespan of the Chinese fighting fish, both in the open and in captivity is nestled somewhere within two to six years. It has been witnessed by both scientists who perform research on the fish, as well as breeders who of course take care of the fish.

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Probably the biggest problem with focusing on how long does a Betta Ssplendens live is that if you aren’t a breeder, you won’t understand how old the fish was when you bought it. Sometimes it might already a 12 months old, and which means that you won’t have an entire lot of your time with it.

When you get a Siamese fighting fish, always ask questions of the individual that is providing it for you. That way, you will get about the historical past of the fish.

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Tips to increase lifespan

There are a number of different facets that could affect how long the Siamese fighting fish could last. For instance, if the fish has been used for several then you can certainly expect that the life expectancy will be shortened significantly as this may put a great deal of pressure on the fish.

In most cases, fish purchased from a family pet store instead of a breeder will also last for fewer years due to the fact the ‘strains’ which have been bred will vary, and the quantity of treatment that the fish are getting during infancy is also different.

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Studies also have shown that those fighting fish which stay in larger tanks will most likely live a lot longer than those who find themselves cooped up in smaller tanks. Actually, if you are purchasing any container you must always choose the largest that you can both afford and match your room. That is heading to benefit all your fish.

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