How Long Do Betta Fish Sleep

How Long Do Betta Fish Sleep On A Daily Basis

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I had been asked a question that made me personally laugh just a little recently. Not because the relevant question was a bad one, but since it was funny to think about.

The relevant question was “Do Betta fish sleep and how long do Betta fish sleep?” Well, all living animals must rest sooner or later in the day. Otherwise, they would die eventually. So the answer to this question is certainly yes.

Let’s take a look at several reasons why Betta splendens sleep.

Do Betta fish sleep

Sleep is something that living animals need to live and function. While asleep, your Siamese fighting fish can rest its body from the hard day. Your Betta’s brain must rest, and if it didn’t get the others it needed, it could have all a variety of brain problems. That is why we have to rest as well. Sleep is accountable for our learning skills and memory storage.

Betta’s sleep very much like we do. They’ll not move a lot and sometimes look like dead. A Siamese fighting fish can look for shelter when planning for rest. Dark corners and crevasses are the perfect places to sleep.

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How long do Betta fish sleep

When you make the tank dark they sleep. So probably sporadic periods throughout the day and during the night, but bettas get more sleep during the night and rest during 1 hour to 3 hours or even more.


Sleep is important for your betta’s general health. To provide them regular cycles of day and night. Plants, and other attractive items in the container/tank not only make their container more attractive, they offer refuge and a feeling of security for your betta splendens.

Also, since bettas don’t have eyelids and cannot close their eyes, this provides them places of comparative darkness in the event they would like to rest during the day.

In wildlife, fish get their day and night cycles naturally. However, your betta will have to rely on you to ensure they receive this. If the container is lit by artificial light, I would recommend your Chinese fighting fish gets somewhere within 6 to 10 hours of darkness every night.

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