How Long Do Betta Fish Live

How Long Do Betta Fish Live? Simple Tips Can Increase Your Betta Life

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How long do betta fish live? The answer is something which I can offer you in just a few sentences. But instead, what I’ve done here’s made the majority of this chance to inform you about betta fish.

Betta fish, also called Siamese Fighting fish or Betta Splendens, is a lovely and attractive species. So there’s too much to learn about them. But before I explore these important aspects, I’m heading to answer that question first.

How long do Betta fish live?

How long do betta fish live when in the open? Under normal circumstances, they live for at least 2 yrs. And exactly how long do betta fish live when in captivity? Under normal circumstances, they live for at least 3 years.

It’s also advisable to know that includes the weeks the betta fish was alive for before you purchased it from the provider or breeder. Male betta fish are placed on the market or adoption once they complete 12 months. While females take half a year.

Life expectancy of Betta Fish in a Bowl

In the event that you don’t look after your Siamese fighting fish properly, this means betta condition in unheated or unfiltered bowls, don’t expect them to live for a long time then. Keeping betta in a bowl significantly less than two gallons reduces the fish’s lifespan drastically.

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You must be wondering why local pet stores set up a screen of betta in plastic-type material cups, right? You should know that this particular short-term arrangement is essential for females because of their territorial and aggressive behavior. It doesn’t connect with the male varieties.

If local pet stores are carrying it out, then that doesn’t make the practice right. Keeping betta or any other fish in small bowls and tanks is not really an appropriate habitat or environment.

Tips to increases betta life

Tips 1

If you’d like your Betta Splendens to live so long as possible, then make sure to give food to it with betta food like brine shrimp, bloodstream worms and specially marked food for bettas.

Siamese fighting fish tend to be picky about their food, frequently general tropical fish food just won’t trim it and they’ll not eat it. But keep in mind, overfeeding your betta can be just like bad as undernourishing, a few pellets once a day (or half the total amount and present once in morning hours once during the night) will be just fine – once weekly you can leave a day trip, this helps to lessen the chance of constipation.

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Tips 2

Another aspect for how long do Betta fish live are water temp in the betta tank. Ensure to keep the water temperature between 75 and 79 degrees Fahrenheit.

You will find special small heating units which you can use for bettas and with your heating unit you should buy a trusted aquarium thermometer to keep an eye on the heat. A 25-watt heating unit can do the trick!

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Tips 3

Although we highly disapprove of it… if you undertake to choose to keep the betta in a little tank it is most likely best never to use a heater whatsoever.

A tank heating unit in a little tank can result in the water temp rising very quickly, which is bad for the fighting fish – it could be almost like cooking food them. In the event that you do choose to maintain your betta in a little tank, try to locate it in a warm place in your house.

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