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How Long Do Betta Fish Live In A Bowl

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Chinese fighting fish A.K.A Betta fish is freshwater fish from Southeast Asia. In the open, these fish reside in warm waters such as streams, paddy areas, and irrigation stations.

How Long Do Betta Fish Live In A Bowl

Generally in either the aquarium or in the bowl, Siamese fighting fish can live between 3 to 5 years, depending on when you get it at the age of your pet store. But to live more than five years it requires special care and attention, for example, the best environment and the best food.

In all honesty, betta fish is not suitable to be held in a dish. Because in a dish or in a little place where there is absolutely no filtration system, dirt from Siamese fighting fish will accumulate in the bottom of the dish and cause water becomes filthy and must often be changed with new water.

Information just, Betta fish need a heating system. Therefore the use of heating units in a little dish can make the water too hot and possibly killing fish.

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Factors Affecting lifespan


Diet is one essential aspect of life-span. Food for Betta fish like Brine shrimp and bloodworms can prolong the lifespan of betta fish life expectancy because they contain high proteins match special pellets for a Betta that seeks not quickly uninterested to the meals we give (Brine shrimp and bloodworms).


Betta fish takes a temperature of water runs from 73 to 84 levels Fahrenheit. Don’t let the water heater is too chilly/hot since it will impact the betta fish. If the water is too cool then your fighting fish won’t eat, and vice versa when the water is too hot they’ll make the fighting fish pass away overheating.


So essentially Betta fish life-span in a dish is which range from 3 to 5 years depending you look after him. It really is not suggested to set up a dish, because of space restrictions to go and water must often to be washed from food scraps or from dirt.

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