How Long Do Betta Fish Last

How Long Do Betta Fish Last In Real Life?

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How long do Betta fish last?

Betta fish is a freshwater fish that is maintained by many beginners. Often the beginners ask how long do Betta fish last? Unfortunately, they are not very long-lived. In general, betta fish live for three to five years and rarely live longer than five years.

Longevity is also affected when you buy betta fish at the pet store. Usually, a pet shop sells Siamese fighting fish from one or two years of age, so ask the seller first before you take him home.

Tips for beginner

A wholesome Chinese fighting fish is active and can respond to you when you place your hand on the glass of the tank. So Avoid buying pale fish as that is a sign of disease. The fins shouldn’t be torn or ragged. The eyes should be clear and not be bulging. Look for any signs of sores or injury on the body.

Longest living Betta fish

Some say 10 years but some say up to 15 years. On youtube, there is a video that claims that betta fish lifespan has reached the age of 10 years, but for the truth needs to be confirmed. Here the link

How to get longer life

Diet & Care

Excellent care and a healthy diet can prolong the lifespan of your Betta. Even so, it’s rare for a Betta to live more than five years. So if your fish only lives a year or two when you purchase it, that’s a perfectly normal lifespan.


Their ideal water temperature is all about 80F as would be given by an aquarium heater. Otherwise, the fish will be listless and may possibly not eat, which can be not good for his or her health.

Tank Size

Like other fish, the fighting fish takes in oxygen from the water. But the fighting fish also has a particular organ which allows it to breathe air directly from the surface of the water. This organ is what allows the Betta to live in water that has hardly any oxygen. So it’s important to put a betta fish in a big tank because it is easy to take a breath on the water surface.

Conclusion: How long do Betta fish in real life

Siamese fighting fish is a freshwater fish that is easy to maintain, but if you are not serious about caring, do not expect your fish have a long life.

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