How Long Can A Betta Fish Survive Without Food?

How Long Can A Betta Fish Survive Without Food?

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The holiday season has arrived and you want to take a few days vacation, but betta fish at home will be left few days, the question is how long can a betta fish survive without food on vacation? If that’s what you’re asking, then the answer in this article.

How long can a betta fish survive without food?

Bettas are from the tropical country and they live in warm water. They might need regular feeding and can’t ever go for very long intervals without food. They are able to go much longer than mammals though. Skipping a day or two of feeding is no problem for a Siamese fighting fish, but not feeding a week that could be a problem.

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Betta fish care while on vacation


Filter systems enable sediment to be removed keeping the container cleaner for much longer, this may include removing extra food to avoid ammonia build-up causing water to become poisonous.

If you plan to be away for longer then 14 days then you’ll need a far more sophisticated filtration system including several filter systems.

Container size

If investing in a filtration system is not an option then moving to a more substantial container may be an alternative solution, with a more substantial container comes a more substantial body of water, meaning the water will need much longer to be toxic because to overfeeding, as well as minimize the chance of the container evaporating and becoming dry because of heat.

Water Top Up

You might notice in the most common week between tank cleaning that water level of your tank has dropped significantly, this is because of evaporation thanks to heat or direct light and it is a common problem in a small container.

To keep the container from going dried out when you are away, or the water level becoming too low for the fish to survive, you may need to invest in an automated water top up solution.

Automatic Feeders

Automatic feeders do as the real name suggests, feed your fish with no need of you being there. A number of the products on the marketplace will dispense dried out food at a certain interval during the day, for example, every 12 hours.

As well as others will provide you with the variability of choosing how often you want the Betta to be fed often, such as double each day with a 6-hour interval.

Food Blocks

Food Blocks are a great option if you merely plan to be away for a couple of days, with several types in the marketplace and with relatively cheap cost.

Some Blocks can last up to 14 days but are less suggested for Betta fish as they are designed for use in large aquariums with many fish, concerning avoid overfeeding.

However, if you are just going to be away for less a week many choices will work well, as they slowly but surely break down in water and dispense smaller amounts of food, this will guarantee the Chinese fighting fish is having food regularly until you come back.

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