How Long Can A Betta Fish Live

How Long Can A Betta Fish Live Without Food And Water

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We get an entire lot of email messages asking, how long can a betta fish live without food and water? Many betta keepers are getting out of town and don’t know very well what to do with their betta while away. Some fear to leave behind their fish without looking after a good day or two, while some write-in wishing they’ll find their betta alive and well after the week-long holiday.

If you are in that situation, then read on to this article until complete.

How long can betta fish live without food

Chinese fighting fish A.K.A Betta fish are cold-blooded. Their metabolism and dietary needs are located in part on the environment. In most cases, fish held in warmer water need feeding more regularly than fish held in cooler water.

Siamese fighting fish are tropical fish and may never survive in cool water. They might need regular feeding and cannot go for very long intervals without food. They are able to go much longer than mammals though. Skipping a day or two of feeding is no problem for a Siamese fighting fish.

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How long can a betta fish live without water

Betta fish may survive for a considerable amount of time out of the water, anabantoids such as  Betta splendens (Siamese fighting fish) come with an organ known as a Labyrinth which allows these to breathe atmospheric air for a short time.

There are many factors that will influence the time the fish might survive away of water, if a fish landed on a location exposed to sunlight then it is going to dry out inside an hour roughly. However, if the fish got on the cool, shaded part of damp lawn then it might survive for a great deal of time.

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Remember there are other risks to leaving your fish unobserved for many days. Take care to ensure the tank or bowl is covered so he can’t jump out. Bettas are excellent jumpers and can get it done. Also, make sure your equipment is in good working order. Be sure the filter container on the intage is strongly attached which means that your betta doesn’t get sucked up when you are gone.

If you are having a heater, make sure it isn’t arranged too high and it is in good working order. Often container heaters get stuck in the “ON” position and the container can easily get over warmed in the summertime months. Be certain your container isn’t still left in sunlight or in a location that is too cold either.

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