How Do Betta Fish Mate

How Do Betta Fish Mate – Make Your Betta Breed

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How do betta fish mate? Betta fish certainly is a great choice for domestic pets. Its beautiful multi-colored fins look both gentle and mesmerizing. This makes a fascinating question pop up inside our mind: just how do they breed if two Bettas can’t even stick with each other? Therefore let’s discover out in this post.

How do Betta fish mate

Since Siamese fighting fish prefer to be alone, you need to monitor them to know if they will be ready to mate. When the female is prepared, vertical stripes begin to appear on her behalf body. When the male is ready he’ll begin to build a bubble nest.

If you would like to breed Chinese fighting fish at home then keep carefully the male and female Betta fish in separate tanks kept beside one another. This will help them to see one another and prepare for mating. When they will be ready to mate, transfer the female Betta inside the tank of the male Betta.

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The process

Move the female betta to the male’s container or move both fish collectively to a third container. Place them in such as for example way that they can see each other but cannot touch. Some people use hurricane lamp glass positioned inside a tank, with the female in the hurricane glass, therefore, the two can observe each other until it’s period for a safe introduction. When the bettas are introduced, the male will lead the female over to the bubble nest and start the act of fertilization.

The male wraps his body around the female and holds that place for a time, squeezing the eggs out of her body. Following the “hug,” the male will chase the female away — or the female will make her get away — and start to herd the eggs toward the bubble nest. The male will have a tendency to the nest before eggs hatch and the fry will be ready to go on their own.

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