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Food For Betta Fish and How to Feed Properly

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Choosing food for Betta fish is one thing you need to think first before keeping this fish. By giving the best food for them can support the betta fish to expose their beautiful color and help them live longer.

To know what are the best foods for Siamese fighting fish, please continue reading the article below.

Food for Betta fish

best food for betta fish

The fighting fish is a group of meat-eating animals (carnivores). In the wild, these fish eat insects, worms, mosquitoes, and small fish.

What type of food do Betta fish eat

food for fry betta fish

There are five types of food that you can give to your favorite Betta fish.

A. Betta fish pellets= A pellet made specifically for Betta fish. This type of food is easy to get at your favorite local fish shop.

B. Frozen food= This type usually have two choices are blood worms and shrimp.

C. Dried food =The opposite of frozen food, this type of food is dried and is one favored by Betta fish.

D. Live food= This type of food is usually expensive but highly favored by betta fish.

E. Fish flakes = You can try and feed these to your Betta, but some Betta’s doesn’t like them.

Food for baby Betta fish

food for baby betta fish

good food for betta fish

For baby betta fish, food is divided into three, depending on the age of baby fish.

1.Age 1 or 2 days

Infusoria is the right kind of food for baby Siamese fighting fish. Infusoria has a small size, so baby Betta splendens will not trouble in eating infusoria.

Tips for feeding baby betta fish

Use an eyedropper to collect some of the infusoria and squeeze them into your betta tank directly above your baby betta fish.

2.Several days to 2 weeks

After a few days, the young betta fish can eat a larger size of the food, then give the baby brine shrimp (Brine shrimp nauplii) to get a high protein that is good for the growth of fish.

3.Three weeks or four weeks

After 3 or 4 weeks of age, young betta fish can be fed such live, frozen and freeze-dried foods. But please make sure to purchase them from a reputable supplier so you can be sure the food is free of parasites and harmful bacteria.

Best food for Betta fish

the best food for betta fish

Best food for betta fish is live brine shrimp or worms, mosquito larvae, frozen or freeze-dried live food, and Betta pellets which you can find in your local pets shop.

Best pellet food for Betta fish

fish food for bettas

Betta fish usually are not picky, but that doesn’t imply that you can give food to them almost everything. You will need to feed them food that provides them with everything they have to be happy and healthy.

Below here are top 5 pellets for Betta fish in the market. You need to remember that maybe your fish do not like this pellet or the results will be different.

what is the best food for betta fish

  1. Ocean Nutrition Atison’s betta pellets

This product is created with fresh and top quality ingredients, which means you know that your betta fish gets a wholesome meal every day.

This special formula is made up of cereal meals, fish meal,  krill, vitamins, and minerals. Quite simply, it will offer your betta fish with a great combination nutrition to meet its dietary needs without question.

The ingredients in these products are proven to have several beneficial results, for example reducing the signs of aging.

  1. TetraBetta PLUS Mini Pellets

As the name suggests, this food is perfect for tetra fish. However, both tetra and betta fish have significantly more or less the same dietary requirements, which means this product will work just fine for betta fish.

These mini pellets have the right combination vitamins, protein, and nutrients to provide your Betta fish with a healthy diet and a strong disease fighting capability. Moreover, these pellets are extremely rich in carotene, which is ideal for improving the colors of your betta fish.

  1. Hikari Betta Bio-Gold Baby Pellets

Among the standout top features of the Hikari Betta pellets is that they are designed to float in the water, which is excellent because it allows you to very easily monitor how much food your fish has eaten.

Similar to the other available choices on our list, these are made out of a great mixture of protein, minerals, essential fatty acids, and vitamins to be able to fulfill the exact dietary needs of your betta splendens.

An additional cool feature of Hikari Betta pellets is they are made to avoid the color on your betta splendens from fading while also actively making the current colors much brighter.

fish food for betta

  1. New Life Spectrum Betta Formula

New Life Spectrum Betta Formula is specifically made to meet up with the dietary needs of your betta fish. It contains wholesome mix vitamins, nutrients, and proteins to ensure that your betta has a strong disease fighting capability.

These things are proven to help defend against bacterial infections and parasitic infections while also minimizing the signs of aging. New Life Spectrum Betta Formula is also specially made to increase the coloring| and the brightness of your Betta fish.

  1. Aqueon Betta Pellets

This product is specially designed small to be sure you don’t overfeed your betta fish. Some of the primary ingredients include shrimp, krill, other seafood, and a lot of minerals and vitamins. If you’re looking for betta food with a good mixture of nutrients, Aqueon Betta Pellets are undoubtedly a great option to consider.

They are created with fresh and safe ingredients that your fish will like.

Exactly like other betta foods, this stuff was created to be color improving, and yes it won’t cloud in the aquarium either. One thing you need to know these pellets contain no artificial colors or chemical preservatives.

How often do I feed my Betta fish

best pellet food for betta fish

Chinese fighting fish (another name betta fish) should be fed only twice a day and not more. by feeding twice a day can prevent the fish tanks becoming dirty (caused by the remaining food that is not eaten and the dirt removed from betta fish).

For a reminder, it is important to not feed them one day in a week, so that poison in betta’s body can come out naturally.


how much food for betta fish

The best food for Siamese fighting fish is one important factor in maintaining this fish. By providing the quality food can extend betta fish lifespan, accelerate growth, fish become healthier and color becomes bright.

So if you want to have a betta fish that fulfill the above criteria, then start providing quality food right now.

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