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Fin Rot Betta Fish With Simple Explanation

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Fin rot betta fish is a comparatively common condition. It is the effect of a bacterial contamination that triggers fin cells to rot away. You might be thinking what might lead to your fish to build up this disease, then this article best for you.

Causes fin rot betta fish

Most bettas have problems with this because water quality is poor. This is not the only reason these fish develop this problem though. Damage and a harmful diet are also precipitating factors. Other notable causes of stress can also business lead to fin rot.

Some fish only need bad luck and can easily develop it. When you have one of the fish, you will need to make an effort to prevent this by changing water on a regular basis. However, changing the water a lot will stress your fish out even more which might increase his threat of developing the problem.


Probably the most noticeable symptom of fin rot betta fish is lack of fin tissue. In some full cases, the fins may break off in large items. Other fish only need frayed fins around the sides. The sides can be bloody or blackened.


In the event that you capture it at an early stage, you ought to be able to address it relatively easy. The problem is due to gram-negative pole bacteria. Therefore, you should address it using antibiotics made specifically to battle this kind of bacteria.

You can even use broad-spectrum antibiotics to take care of betta fin rot. The most frequent antibiotic used to take care of it is Tetracycline. Kanamycin and Maracin 2 may also be used. Maracin 1, an antifungal medication, may also be coupled with Maracin 2 if you believe your fish has a fungal contamination too.

It is important that you keep up treatment until all bacteria are killed off. In the event that you stop dealing with your fish prematurely ., the bacteria will hang in there and cause symptoms another. After the fins begin to develop back again, it’s safe to avoid providing him with medication.

In addition to a disease that recently explained, below is some kind of disease that often occurs in Betta

Ich (Ichthyophthirius multifilius)

Ich, which often manifests as small white dots around the mouth area or the fins of the Betta, is a protozoan parasite. A Siamese fighting fish (betta fish)usually deals with this parasite when the temp in the container drops below 80 levels for long periods of time.

To avoid ich from inside your fish, you can boost the temp of the water above 80 degrees Fahrenheit and add 3 teaspoons of sodium per gallon of water in your container. In case your Betta already has ich, medications with methylene blue or malachite green can help get rid of the parasite.

Velvet or Oodinium

This parasite often impacts fish that are stressed out by bad water conditions, shipping or cool water. This may be avoided by properly looking after your Betta and its own container. Medications like Jungle’s Velvet Safeguard and acriflavine may help remove this parasite from your Betta’s system.

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