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Top 5 Live Plants For Your Female Betta Tank Mates

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Your female betta tank mates need a live plant to improves your betta’s lifestyle. All Siamese fighting fish live much longer and fuller lives when they cohabitate with vegetation instead of in a vacant tank.

The proper plant live release much-needed air and provided much-needed cover for betta fry and betta females in a betta mating container.

So, let’s check out the very best 5 options for your female betta tank mates.

5 Live Plants for the female betta tank mates


The perfect plant for your tank is the Vallisneria spiralis. Commonly called Vallis simply, it needs little light, and may survive in just about any weather. Very hardy, and in a position to live at temps only 59 degrees, it’s the perfect flower for cover, building, and refuge bubble nests.

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Amazon Sword

This plant is, in fact, native to the Amazon River basin and it is very adaptable. They have long, smooth sword-like leaves increasing from the main cluster. Bettas think it’s great, but it can require planting in gravel and fertilizing. This seed does an incredible job in breeding tanks with fry and betta females.

Java Fern

This lush, green plant can be anchored in your gravel or rocks and reaches up to the very best of your tank. It lives well in uncirculated water and has long “hands” influx and circulation with the existing. They flourish in low to medium light. Java moss is a variance, but be forewarned. It could grow uncontrollably and actually dominate your betta’s going swimming area.


Just like the Java Fern, Hornwort is flowing and long. It generally does not have to be anchored, however when anchored in your substrate, it offers great cover for fry and females. Place the long, vertical hornwort in the rear of your betta container, and smaller vegetation in advance for an aesthetically interesting aquascape.

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When you can imagine a deep-rust colored fox’s tail, this plant is known by you! High and wavy, it provides a color variance to all or any the normal green plant life in a betta container. I love to alternate it with Java ferns with shorter Amazon swords in the front.


Whatever plant you choose to use in your container, make sure it generally does not infringe on your betta’s space. He needs room to develop and providing him with a managed betta vegetable environment that is wonderful for breeding and air creation will lengthen his life thoroughly.

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