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Chinese Fighting Fish – Beautiful Fish With Unique Nature

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Do you like to fight? Well, it turns out not only humans who like to fight, but fish also love to fight. Introduce Chinese fighting fish as known as Siamese fighting fish, Betta fish or Japanese fighting fish.

Siamese fighting fish or in Thailand language called Pla-Kad or Pla-Kat which means to fight/bite is famous freshwater fish from Southeast Asia. Many people like to keep them as a hobby because of their colorful tail and fin.

Where do Betta fish come from

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Betta Splendens is a type of freshwater fish that live in warm water. This fish is a native fish from Southeast Asia living in Mekong River.

Mekong River is the seventh longest river in Asia and the 12th longest in the world which has an area of about 795,000 km2 and a length of about 4,350 km. Mekong River passes through many countries such as Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, and Myanmar which is the original habitat of Betta Splendens.

In the 19th century, the fighting fish become popular in society. They search for it in the wild as in the rice fields or in the Mekong river water channel. It was not until 1840 that the ruling kings of Thailand at that time issued a license for a betta because they saw the enthusiasm of their people who liked Siamese fighting fish.

Betta fish become more popular in the world

After that, the king of Thailand gave the betta fish as a gift to Theodor Cantor who was a medical scientist and published an article named Macropodus Pugnax. In 1909, the ichthyologist Charles Tate Regan, upon realizing a species was already named Macropoduspugnax, renamed the domesticated Siamese fighting fish Betta Splendens.

Why called fighting fish?

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Some people say the name reflects the nature of its owner. it seems correct for fighting fish. Born in the wild, this fish has an aggressive nature that makes it unique.

Basically Japanese fighting fish fighting because it wants to defend its territory from external threats such as male fish and insects. But it does not make people afraid to keep this fish because the color and tail are able to hypnotize the freshwater fish lovers.

Characteristics of Chinese fighting fish


Nowadays Having a Betta is a lucky thing, because breeders have been able to produce the kind of colorful betta fish such as red, purple, white, green or a combination of two colors. well if you want to own this fish and you have a special color that you like, then most likely you will get your favorite betta fish.

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The tail is one of the attractive body parts of this fish to be kept at home. Each type has a different tail shape, for example, Halfmoon has a tail that resembles a fan and its length can reach 180 degrees.


There are 14 types Chinese fighting fish you can choose to collect. Each type has a different tail and fin shape than any other type.

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For more details please read below.

Types of Chinese fighting fish

  1. Veiltail = Veiltail is a very common type for Betta Splendens. this type of fish can be marked with the tail and fins that fall down
  2. Crowntail =This type of type has a sharp tail and fins, like a king’s crown
  3. Combtail = This type is similar to Crowntail, it’s just fins and tail longer than Crowntail
  4. Double Tail = Double Tail is marked by a split tail. This fish is the only type that has a tail split in two
  5. Spadetail = As the name implies the tail of this fish is similar to a spade.
  6. Halfmoon = The tail of this fish is like a fan and its length is up to 180 degrees.
  7. Over-Halfmoon = Almost the same as Halfmoon, only the length of this tail type exceeds 180 degrees.
  8. Delta = Delta tail is similar to Halfmoon, but its length is not 180 degrees.
  9. Super Delta = Its tail is similar to the Delta type, but the Super Delta tail length reaches from 120 degrees to 160 degrees.
  10. Half-Sun = a combination of Halfmoon and Crowntail. the result is a sharp tail and the length can reach 180 degrees.
  11. Rosetail = One variant of an amazing Halfmoon type.Especially the caudal has excessive branching and overlapping which gives the appearance of a rose.
  12. Feathertail =Similar to Rosetail, but tends to have a more ruffled appearance
  13. Plakat = This type is most similar to fighting fish from its original habitat, the fish is marked with a short tail.
  14. Dumbo Ear = This type of fish is easily recognizable by the fins around gills that are similar to elephant ears.

Difference between male and female Chinese fighting fish

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The size difference distinguishes between males and females. Male Betta Fish have a larger size, can reach 3 inches and the width is thinner than the female whose width is wider and the length can reach 2¼ inches

Fins and tail

Differences can also be seen in the tail and in the fins. For a male, tail and fins are longer than female, so it displays an elegant impression for those who see it. On the other side, fins and tail belong to female is shorter like any other normal fish.

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If you want to find Betta fish that are bright and colorful, then choose a male fish. But if the color is not important for you, then choose the female fish.

How long do Chinese fighting fish live

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Chinese fighting fish generally have a short life commonly between three to five years. But with proper care and the best feeding, Chinese fighting fish can live more than 5 years. Here more info about Betta fish lifespan

What Do Chinese fighting fish eat

In the wild best food for Betta fish are shrimp, bloodworms and similar insects like flies. However, these foods can be replaced with frozen or live bloodworms, brine shrimp, and pellet that you can buy at your local pet store. Most important of all these foods contain many proteins/ meat.

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Where to buy Betta fish

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The best answer is at the local fish shop or pet shop that sells fighting fish. If necessary, ask your family or friends the reliable shop where selling qualified betta fish. In addition, you can ask a forum of Siamese fighting fish that can help you find your dream betta.

Tips to choose a healthy betta

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  1. Ensure smooth Betta body, no injuries, and loss of scales.
  2. Japanese Fish Fighting is an active fish during the day, so if the fish you want is less active, you should not choose them.
  3. Healthy Betta Splendens have clear eyes, therefore avoid choosing a rather white, defective and glazed eyes.
  4. A rather pale color is a sign of Siamese betta fish experiencing stress, so choose a betta fish that has a bright color.

Before buying, this is what you have to prepare

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In order to keep the fish stay healthy and can roam freely, it takes a fish tank measuring five gallons or more to accommodate one fish. So preparing a Fish Tank is the first thing you should do before you own betta fish.


Are you a busy person, so have a little time to clean the aquarium? then using a filter is a must. The aquarium filter serves to keep the rest of the food and dirt from the Betta fish can be cleaned. Besides that,  dirty water can make fish more susceptible to diseases.


Do Betta fish need a heater? the answer is YES, they do. Chinese fighting fish live in warm water because it comes from a tropical country. So if you live in the area that has four seasons, then using heater is necessary.

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