Do Bettas Like Light

Do Bettas Like Light? Find Out Here If betta Fish Like Light

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One of my friends once asked me to do bettas like light? My answer is yes. Betta fish originate from the shallow grain areas of Cambodia with sunlight saturated in the sky. The light allows them to avoid predators, find mates, consume food, fighting with male fish, etc.

But most of all, it maintains their inner clock in balance. It offers them a precise environment to be awake in, and a precise environment to rest in. Without these conditions, Bettas would become very pressured/stressed.

Which kind of light for Betta Fish

Although there are many different kinds to choose from, fluorescent is definitely the best lighting choice for your aquarium tank which still is true today, because it generally does not create a great deal of warmth, the light has an extended life, and it encourages plant growth.

Obviously, there are other styles of light you could consider. If you’re looking for your live vegetation to develop quickly, then Metal Halide lamps are most likely your very best choice. They also give a pleasing light impact in the aquarium.

But, unfortunately, there’s a downside. They cost a lot more than their fluorescent counterparts plus they create a great deal of warmth, which could improve the heat of water. But, if you have a big container with live plant life, this would be considered a good choice.

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Betta fish light on or off at night?

Based on my experiences they like having the lights on in the daytime, however, they really choose that the lighting set off completely during the night.

Do betta fish like plants?

In addition to the light, live plants can make your Siamese fighting fish happy and healthy. There are multiple reasons why you need to have live plants in your aquarium.

They look good, your Betta splendens will like them plus they help to keep water conditions ideal. Below are three live plants for Siamese fighting fish that is easily obtained from the market/pet store.


An ideal live plant for a beginner, the anacharis is simple to look after, removes harmful ammonia from water and is an excellent oxygenator.

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Java fern

Java fern is a green, lush plant that is most beneficial anchored to a bit of driftwood in your betta splendens container. This live plant survives well in water that will not circulate, and will best in medium to low levels of lighting.

Amazon Sword

Amazon Sword is a plant that is very adaptable since it is indigenous to the Amazon River basin. There will vary types of Amazon Sword vegetation but most are large, causing this to be the type of plant a poor choice for smaller tanks.


When choosing light, it’s important to produce the best ensemble to highlight your Betta as well as offer enjoyment for individuals who are looking your aquarium. Dealing with your aquarium provider when it comes to light and all areas of your betta container set up will ensure health for your Betta as well as much years of pleasure for your household.

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