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Do Betta Fish Sleep? Learn Betta Fish Sleeping Habits

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Do betta fish sleep? How long do betta fish sleep? Do betta fish sleep on the bottom of the tank? If that’s what you have in mind, then all these questions will be answered in this article and you will not worry if it happens again.

Do betta fish sleep?

how do betta fish sleep

My friend once asked me, do betta fish sleep at night? The answer is yes. It’s just like any other fish, Betta fish needs sleep and can not survive without sleep.

However, what we think as a human about sleep is an interval of unconsciousness with our eyes closed, and going right through dream cycles is not similar to a few other species.

Betta fish don’t have eyelids, therefore bettas will not close its eyes to sleep and rest. That is why fish owners sometimes believe that fish do not actually sleep by any means, however, they do; just in different ways.

When betta fish sleep?

betta fish sleeping

In general, Siamese fighting fish sleep at night and will reduce the frequency of movement of the mouth and gills significantly, but that does not mean the fish was off guard. While sleeping Siamese fighting fish still remain alert when there is suspicious motion around.

Do betta fish need darkness to sleep

how long do betta fish sleep

The fighting fish like to sleep in the dark or light minimal. So turning off the room light can help them to sleep in a comfortable environment.

While sleeping in a dark room the color of the betta fish as known as Chinese fighting fish will become pale and change to normal after waking up. It’s a natural thing, so do not be afraid if you see your betta fish turning pale at night.

How many hours do betta fish sleep?

betta fish sleep

Betta fish commonly need 8 to 12 hours of light, and 12 to 16 of darkness, so you should shutting down your tank light if the bedtime has arrived.

In case your Betta fish has too much light, it may become overly stimulated and stressed. Some Bettas won’t eat by any means when stressed by too much light.

The opposite, too much darkness isn’t best for your betta either. These fish have a tendency to lose their color without sufficient contact with light, but there may be other factors, so be sure to check the pH level of your water, the temp and algae levels in your container to eliminate other possibilities.

The Type Of Light Do Betta Fish Need

do betta fish sleep on the bottom of the tank

With regards to choosing a betta’s tank lighting, a very important thing to keep in mind is the nearer you can get to mimicking their habitat, the happier and healthier your bettas will be under your care.

In the wild, bettas live in relatively shallow standing waters such as canals. So unlike deep water fish, Bettas are more comfortable with a natural daylight/nighttime cycle-and this is precisely what you should try to provide.

Do betta fish sleep on the bottom of the tank?

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The answer is yes. Betta fish can sleep under the tank and do not move in the old state. for more details in the section Betta sleep position.

Do betta fish hibernate?

do betta fish sleep on their side

They don’t really hibernate, however they become passive if the water gets cold enough.  They normally die not from the cold water, but when the water becomes too cold the immune system becomes weak and susceptible to deadly disease that leads to the death of the fish. To stay away from the above problems, you will need a heating unit in the aquarium to keep carefully the water temperature stable. 

Betta sleep position

do betta fishes sleep

  1. Siamese fighting fish can sleep floating on the surface of the water, it could be a panic for beginners, but sleeping in a floating position is a normal position for betta fish because it can simultaneously take air from the surface.
  2. betta fish also likes to sleep at the bottom of the aquarium. Usually, his favorite bed is in the bottom corner, on a gravel or in an artificial cave.
  3. betta fish has an unusual sleeping position, for example: sleep in reverse position. Also in a state of sleep, Chinese fighting fish will not move in a long time and only moves when requiring air.

Do betta fish have dreams?

betta fish sleeping habits

Do you think they dream? My answer is no. If it had dreams then it could not have the ability to protect itself when sleeping and would make easy prey.

Some Betta behavior you need to know…

does betta fish sleep

Male betta cannot be mixed with other aggressive fish in one aquarium because it tends to be a fight that caused one of them died while fighting over territory.

Unlike the case with male Betta, female Betta Ssplendens can be mixed with other fish and can adapt quickly as long you have a large tank size, so the female betta Splendens have enough room to move.

Aggression and fry

do betta fish sleep a lot

When a small betta fish is not aggressive and can be mixed with fellow betta fish, but after fins begin to grow, the ugly characters began to look (like to fight) by way of showing off the tail and fins to his opponent.

After becoming an adult the Betta Splendens will fight when there are other male bettas in one aquarium.

Because of its aggressive and fighting nature that makes this fish become famous and unique.

Unique Personality

can betta fish sleep

Each betta fish has different characters, some are aggressive, some like to move and some are silent. Well if your Chinese fighting fish mostly silent, then it could be betta fish you are experiencing stress caused by new environment or water temperature is too cold.

In order to avoid bad news, always make sure to see the behavior of your betta fish every day.


do betta fish sleep at night

Betta fish just like any other creature that requires sleep and dark room is the best environment for betta fish to sleep, so always turn off the room at night or set the timer. Also, keep the water temperature always warm for the Japanese fighting fish to sleep in comfortable conditions. Remember, enough sleep can make betta fish lifespan become longer (healthy).

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