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Why Do Betta Fish Fight With Other Fish?

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Whether you’ve owned betta Splendens your complete life or simply recently started keeping them, sooner or later you’ll question or be asked the question: Why do betta fish fight with other fish? Find your answer in this article.

Why do betta fish fight?

Well, there are always a bunch of explanations why these fish fight one another, however, the background behind why betta fish are so aggressive goes back centuries. Siamese fighting fish were originally found out in Southeast Asia in the 1800s. These were brought using their natural habitat in grain paddies and puddles, back again to local cities by those employed in the fields.

There’s also the actual fact that, over the full years, betta have been bred to be aggressive, especially back the times when pitting two bettas against each other for the sport.

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Fighting myth

Betta fish won’t combat to the absolute death always. Most of the time they won’t get near to that point even unless they’ve been selectively bred for aggression or are stuck in a little container with nowhere for the less prominent betta to cover up. This is also true for Betta Splendens or the most typical betta’s sold as household pets.

Bettas will harm their opponent’s scales often, tails and gills by nipping and thrashing about. Those accidents, along with attacks triggered by stress, could, however, eliminate a betta after fighting. Making betta fish combat is cruel deliberately.

Do betta female fight?

Betta females on the other hands aren’t as intimidating as their male betta. However, they will establish a pecking order if you retain several in the same container. The top female Betta will peck at the other female Betta that is below within the pecking order.

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Some of the reasons why betta fish fighting


Contrary to popular belief, Betta fish will be recognized to battle over various necessities, however, the largest asset is meals.

Despite nourishing your fish the right amount of food every day, natural male Betta fish try to combat each other to get more foods – and possess the different Betta fish who guidelines the container. The fish turn into quite intense and will visit nothing to gather an extra.

Two Betta in one Bowl

When you choose to have a Betta fish in your house as a family pet, you might have significantly more than one. To have multiple fish friends is okay – but it depends on their situation.

Before you get a Betta fish, it’s important to learn that having several male Bettas in a container will become a boxing match. Although this may happen with female Betta fish, the male Betta fish are inclined to become very territorial, attempting to dominate whatever crosses their route.


Another common reason Betta fish combat is to state their territory. As stated previously, when you place several male Betta fish within a container, they shall start to fight on a daily basis.

Since their container is such an essential aspect in their lives, man Betta fish will walk out their way to make it known they are the ruler of the bowl/container – no matter what size or small these are.


The reason why Betta adult males fight, is because food, territory or even to get the female for reproduction. The female battles other females betta to determine the pecking order.

If you’re who owns several male Betta fish, then there are many ways to keep up the peace between your fish in your house. The first solution is to keep each one of the fish in another tank. When maintaining your Bettas in individual tanks, this will keep them from each other apart, rendering it completely impossible to allow them to battle.

The next solution to stop your Betta from fighting is to make a barrier between your two fish within a big tank. The hurdle can be produced from a rust-proof cable mesh and positioned within the center of the container. This will keep up with the peace in the middle of your fish friends – and won’t lead them to combat if they see one another even.

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