Can a male and female betta live together

Can Male And Female Bettas Live Together? Find Out Here

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Can male and female bettas live together? Honestly speaking male betta fish can’t live collectively because they’ll fight with one another. Bettas like to have their own territories and if various other fish attempts to dominate these they will assault. This happens even in the environment where bettas battle for his or her personal privacy and territory in river basins. But because the expanse of a water body is too big in the open, it barely issues if indeed they live jointly or not.

However in a first container, because space is confined, two male bettas will have trouble coping with one another. This will not mean bettas won’t live with other fish varieties. You might introduce betta fish in a community fish container with other fish types easily under certain conditions. Read this short article on fish compatibility for bettas to raised know very well what other fish can live with a male betta fish.

Can male and female bettas live together in a tank?

In case there are females you could have 4-5 female bettas in a single tank without much problem. It isn’t they are not intense, however, not as intense as male counterparts. Females within themselves get accustomed to other females easily when compared with male bettas. Normally viewers if you blend 4-5 females in a single tank they’ll form a hierarchy among one another about dominance and their own position in the container. Both male and female bettas love their own place but males have a tendency be intense and strike when their own position and area gets under danger.

That’s the reason never keep two male bettas in a smaller container. Another very important point is to keep male and female bettas collectively only when you will breed new fish. There’s a definite detail by detail procedure for betta mating that you can read here Like males even female love their own place, but can go along well with other females if they’re peaceful While adding females to a fish container start with just one single peace caring one and steadily continue adding other females.

While buying a female don’t choose the most aggressive one first as she’ll form her own space in the container herself and won’t allow other females in her space. Alternatively, if she actually is serenity adoring and docile then almost certainly she will go along well with other females that are added later.

Does fish container size matter for keeping several bettas in a single tank?

Size of the container does matter if you would like to add several in one container. As stated above bettas love their own place and it’s got too much to do with quantity and size. In the environment, because the expanse is no issues, male bettas be friends with other bettas by establishing their own position and fighting for this.

However in a fish container since size is bound this may cause a large trouble for a person fish. Size significantly less than 20 gallons will definitely result in a problem while maintaining their own place. A 20 gallon container measure about 24″ x 12″ x 16″ OR 30″ X 12″ x 12″. So anything less than size is Wii thing for several bettas.

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