Can Bettas Live With Other Fish

Can Bettas Live With Other Fish? Find Out Here

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Can Bettas live with other fish? My answer is yes. When you have a single male Betta you might be thinking about finding some tankmates to keep him company or adding him to a community container environment, then this short article best for you.

If you currently have a Betta fish and also you want to include another fish or two to his container, the very first thing you will need think about is container size. I’ll offer you some advice here that you may not like to listen to:

If you now have your Betta fish in a container smaller than 10 gallons, please do not add any longer fish to his container. Inside a container smaller than 10 gallons he’s far better off only, even though you have the required warmth and purification for tropical fish.

Quite simply, if you intend to have tankmates for your Betta fish you should establish the tank first, add your Betta then. This reduces the probability of aggression where your Betta may feel like his territory is invaded by other fish.

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Can Bettas Live With Other Fish?

Below some fish which are suitable for combined with a Betta.

Neon tetras

Neon Tetra has a tendency to stay around the mid-tank area, keeping their distance from any bettas so they will get along. A big/long container is preferred as tetras are schooling fish. You need to have at the least six tetras in your container.

Bristlenose plecos

The Bristlenose plecos are extremely timid, plus they have a tendency to be extremely reclusive. You will find other numerous kinds of plecos that can experience the betta; however, a few of these may become quite large. A larger betta aquarium may be required with time.

Having Plecos with bettas is an excellent partnership because the Plecos have a tendency to stay from the betta fish’s method. You will most likely find them at the bottom of the container.

Glass catfish

The glass catfish are an awesome species — they obtain name because they are completely look out of (even can easily see the inner body organs – strange eh? )! They may be an extremely relaxed fish which should not really present any kind of danger to your betta fish.

The Glass Catfish perform best in little organizations, they will spend the majority of their day together at the bottom of the tank beside the plants.

Blue gourami

The blue gourami makes a wonderful tank partner for a Siamese fighting fish. Both of these fish are carefully related and therefore the requirements and circumstances of the container will be the same for the two fish — perfect!

The Blue Gourami needs a more substantial tank of around twenty gallons. With this factor fulfilled the Blue Gourami can live peacefully with a betta fish.

African Little Frog

The African Little Frog and a Siamese fighting fish are a prevalent tank spouse. There are numerous tales of achievement between both of these container friends and they’re basic rather easy to look after.

Something to say with this container collaboration is that they have the same diet plan. While this kind of is an excellent part of they can consume the same meals it is poor as the African little frog is usually a fairly unaggressive eater be cautious that the betta will not overtake in which the frog consumes enough!

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Siamese fighting fish are notoriously aggressive and not only towards other male betta fish, so you shouldn’t be surprised you need to research to look for fish which can be fitted to cohabited environments.

Your betta fish are believed extremely intense and two shouldn’t be held in the same container. Additionally, you can’t blend male betta fish with female Siamese fighting fish if you don’t will be breeding; normally you will see battles and continuing casualties.

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