Can Betta Fish Live With Snails

Can Betta Fish Live With Snails – Little Friend For Betta

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My friend asked me, can Betta fish live with snails? the answer is yes. Betta splendens and snails hardly ever trouble one another. However, you should research the behavior and requirements of every type before you add these to your container.

Can Betta Fish Live With Snails?

There are several types of snails that you can add as a friend of Siamese fighting fish. What are these snail types? read on here for more information.

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Assassin snails

Assassin snails will vary from the other snails on the list. They don’t really eat plants or algae. They eat other snails. They are usually announced to a container to “tidy up” when other snails have become beyond control. Unlike the other snails here, they slowly reproduce.

Ramshorn snails

Ramshorn snails have a set, rounded shell. They may be a comparable size as pond snails and eat algae. However, they may be less safe around vegetation than other varieties of a snail. Unless you have live vegetation in your betta’s tank, this isn’t a lot of a problem. Like the majority of snails, they can reproduce quickly and overrun a container if you overfeed

Pond snails

Pond snails look nearly the same as your garden snails. They execute an amazing job of eating algae and won’t damage plants (usually). Similar to the Malaysian trumpet snails, they can reproduce very fast and cause trouble if you routinely overfeed your fighting fish. Normally, they make an excellent friend for your Chinese fighting fish.

Malaysian trumpet snails

They may be small under fifty percent an inch, and cone-shaped. They spend a single day out of view and out of imagination, sifting through the gravel for uneaten food, plus they don’t damage plant life.

However, if conditions are bad, their population can increase quickly. Worse, if there is not enough food, they can have mass die-offs that harm your water aquarium.

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