Can Betta Fish Eat Goldfish Food

Can Betta Fish Eat Goldfish Food? Find Out Here

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Can Betta fish Eat Goldfish food? Sure, a betta might eat goldfish food. But could it be the best food to supply the nutrients necessary for a wholesome betta fish? Not definitely!

Let’s check out what do betta fish eat apart from fish food.

That is pretty simple because betta fish possess a simple diet. Betta fish are carnivorous pets plus they eat mainly small bugs and insect larvae. Which means that they might need a lot of proteins to remain healthy.

Actually, proteins are the main way to obtain food that beta fish require. Keeping that at heart, betta fish aren’t big followers of vegetation or other natural herbs because they aren’t herbivores.

The digestive system of the betta fish is specifically made to handle a higher protein diet. A Siamese fighting fish food must be at least 50% proteins. Most betta food (pellets) will have a proteins ranking of at least 50 percent, look for at least 32% crude proteins.

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What Do Goldfish Eat?

Goldfish An omnivore can be a pet that can obtain its strength and nutritional vitamins from a diet plan consisting of a number of food resources that can include vegetation, pets, algae, bacteria, and fungi.

Can Betta Fish Eat Goldfish Food?

Goldfish have significantly more of the veggie based diet versus bettas who need plenty of proteins. It’s fine, however not as a staple food… and also a lot of bettas won’t eat flakes and only take pellets.

To make sure your betta fish happy and healthy, Use a few of the betta fish food options below:

Fish Flakes

One of the most typical types of food that a betta fish will eat is the classic fish flake. Against everything that you might think, fish flakes aren’t manufactured from artificial materials or chemicals.

In fact, fish flakes are dried out parts, or flakes if you will rather, of other old fish. Don’t worry because this is natural, fish eats other fish in character constantly.

Live Food

Live food is most likely among the best types of food that you can give food to your betta fish, mostly because the live food is exactly what fish naturally eat when they aren’t in captivity.

Don’t worry because you don’t have to visit angling or digging for just about any special foods to give food to your fish.

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Freeze Dried Food

Freeze dried food is just about the most convenient kind of food that you can give food to your fish. It is because freeze dried out food is equivalent to the live food because you can get bloodworms, daphnia, or shrimp larvae that are dried out.

Betta Fish Pellets

Betta fish pellets are a great option for your betta fish because unlike normal fish pellets, these ones have been specifically designed for betta fish.


Can betta fish eat goldfish food? My answer is yes because both goldfish and betta are freshwater fish. However, the similarities stop there. They have very different diet and dietary requirements.

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