Can Betta Fish Be with Any Other Fish Beautiful Fishes that Can Be Kept with Betta Fish
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Can Betta Fish Be with Any Other Fish?

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Can Betta Fish Be with Any Other Fish – We are going to proceed through a few suggested betta fish container mate ideas. Knowing what fish can live with bettas so as to buying betta fish with other fish will be a lot of fun since it brings a lot of variety to your aquarium.

Can Betta Fish Be with Any Other Fish?

The information below is betta best friend:

Neon Tetra

Neon Tetra has a tendency to stay around the mid-tank area, keeping their distance from any bettas so they will get along. A big/long container is preferred as tetras are schooling fish. You need to have at the least six tetras in your container – however, it may be beneficial to have significantly more (around 10 to 12 is enough). Once your container features a vibrant school so as to keeping betta fish with other fish is not such a problem whatsoever.


You should be careful with tetras because they are regarded as fin nippers (and we don’t want our betta’s delicate fins nipped). Neon tetras held in a college are usually okay, however, if you are enticed by other varieties of the tetra family always research into if they are fin nippers. Just a little fish nipping at the betta fish’s long moving tail will end with pressured fish and casualties!

Bristlenose Plecos

The Bristlenose plecos are extremely shy, plus they have a tendency to be very reclusive. You will find other numerous kinds of plecos that can live with the betta; however, a few of these may become quite large. A larger betta fish container may be needed with time.

Having Plecos with bettas is an excellent partnership as the Plecos have a tendency to stay from the betta fish’s way. You will most likely find them in the bottom of the container and nourish on algae from a bit of driftwood (which keeps your container cleaner much longer).

Glass Catfish

The glass catfish are an awesome species – they get their name because they are completely look out of (even can easily see the inner organs – weird eh?)! They may be a very relaxed fish which should not present any danger to your betta fish. The cup Catfish do best in small organizations, they will spend the majority of their day together at the bottom of the tank beside the plants.

Blue Gourami

The blue gourami makes a great tank mate for a betta fish. Both of these fish are carefully related and therefore the needs and conditions of the container will be the same for both fish – perfect!
The Blue Gourami needs a more substantial tank of around 20 gallons. With this factor fulfilled the Blue Gourami can live peacefully with a betta fish.

African Dwarf Frog

The African Dwarf Frog and a betta fish are a common tank partner. There are numerous tales of success between both of these container mates and they’re general rather easy to look after. One thing to say for this container collaboration is that they have the same diet. While this is an excellent thing in they can eat the same food it is bad as the African dwarf frog is a fairly passive eater be cautious that
your betta will not overeat which your frog eats enough!

Ghost Shrimp

With regards to the size of your container, you should attempt to place between eight and 10 ghost shrimp along with your betta. Japanese fighting fish have been recognized to make brief work of the small ghost shrimp so that it all depends upon the aggression and personality of your betta. Try to choose the larger shrimp from your pet store – they have a better chance at making it through and not only become a food.

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