Can Baby Betta Fish Live together Awesome 10 Cool Facts About these Colorful Betta Fish
10 Cool Facts About These Colorful Betta Fish from Can Baby Betta Fish Live Together ,

Can Baby Betta Fish Live Together?

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Can Baby Betta Fish Live together – Once your baby bettas reach a certain size they must be sectioned off into individual bowls.

The first couple of weeks of life are the most crucial for your baby betta fish. In the event that you feed your baby bettas a lot of high-protein foods and keep maintaining the container properly, they should quickly grow.
Maintain high water quality in your baby betta container by installing a sponge filter. Sponge filter systems provide mechanical purification without creating enough suction or water circulation to put recently hatched betta fish in danger.

Arranged the thermostat on your aquarium heating unit to maintain a well-balanced heat between 74 and 80 levels Fahrenheit. If the water temp in your baby betta container changes too much it might have a poor effect on medical and development of your baby betta fish.

Wait for your baby betta fish to soak up the rest of their yolk sacs. In case your betta fish is a bubble-nesting variety, the man betta will look after the fry until they suck up their yolk sacs and be free-swimming. Mouth-brooding types of betta fish will release completely created fry after an incubation amount of up to 16 times.

Give food to your babies smaller amounts of infusoria many times a day once they have assimilated their yolk sacs. Infusoria is a liquid fry food that may be added right to the container using an eyedropper. Search for infusoria to get online or increase your own colony from cultures.

Transition your baby betta fish into accepting brine shrimp nauplii after a couple of days of feeding them infusoria. If given properly, young bettas will develop quickly plus they should prepare yourself to accept bigger foods after 3 to 4 days.

Offer your fry finely smashed freeze-dried and frozen foods such as bloodworms and daphnia after 3 to 4 several weeks.

Transfer the infant fish to a 10-gallon grow-out container at 6 several weeks of age. A grow-out tank is simply a larger tank where your fish will have sufficient space to continue growing. If you have a big number of baby bettas you may want to divide them into two grow-out tanks.

Maintain high water quality in your grow-out tanks by performing regular water changes of twenty-five percent of the container volume twice weekly. Use an aquarium vacuum or a number of light tubes to siphon filthy water from underneath of the container and replace it with dechlorinated faucet water at the same temperatures as the water in the container.

Feed your baby betta fish a number of foods, offering smaller amounts of live, frozen and pellet foods many times each day until they reach three-quarters of the inches long.

Separate your baby betta fish into individual mugs or bowls to improve these to maturity. As of this size you ought to be able to inform the difference between men and females-males will have much longer fins and brighter colors. You might separate all of your betta fish or you might choose to keep carefully the females in a single tank and individual the men into cups.

Items you’ll need:

– Bowls or cups


When choosing freeze-dried and frozen foods for your baby betta fish, be sure to buy top quality food from an established supplier. Many live and freezing foods contain parasites or bacterias so that it is important that the meals be properly sterilized before you offer it to your baby bettas.

Can Baby Betta Fish Live Together?

I had an identical experience. I had formed my male betta make it into my baby girl’s part (at this time I thought she was male). He didn’t harm her whatsoever, but I wouldn’t risk it departing them together. I recommend no dividing the container and departing her within only.

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