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Betta Tankmates – Choosing The Best Roomies For Your Betta

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Betta tankmates are essential in the social progress of your fish, as well as supporting give a cleaning service, or other important functions in the healthiness of your container. Choosing roommates must be achieved carefully, though.

Since betta fish are very vulnerable to stress, you don’t want to drop a Kramer from Seinfeld in on your little friend. There are a few fish that Betta Splendens will not tolerate, plus some they leave only. Let’s take a look at several good applicants for betta tankmates.

3 Best Betta tankmates


Siamese fighting fish (Betta fish) usually battle fish that act like themselves, fish that mirror them to look at and size. These long thin, shark-like looking animals are a grey or light brownish with dark places or mottled patterns and are a good visual treat for just about any tank. Given that they eat algae, they make nice betta tankmates for just two reasons. One, the tank is washed by them, and two, they don’t cause stress in your betta. But be forewarned, this business can develop to monstrous sizes, to a foot up, so involve some other container ready for them when they outgrow your betta container.

2.Ghost shrimp

These little shrimp owe their name to the actual fact they are translucent and are fun little guys to increase your aquarium. For betta tankmates, they work very well and offer a much-needed service. They eat small substances of waste materials and bacterias that could normally be considered a problem for your betta. They also give a nice variance to your fish, and they’re in constant movement. Betta fish won’t harass them, and they’re aesthetically interesting as well.

3.Natural plants

Some individuals do not consider vegetation whenever choosing betta tankmates, however, they make exceptional roommates (plus they don’t talk much). They don’t trouble your betta, they release much-needed air into the tank, they offer safe refuge whenever your fish feels threatened, and are excellent areas for your fish to make his bubble nest when breeding. Be sure to provide some surface level plant life for the creation of bubble nests. You’ll also want to provide long-stalked vegetation to provide refuge.

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Tank Size

To be able to thrive, betta fish must have 5 gallons of water for his or her habitat. Adding certain container mates begins to detract from the required environment. Some companions will require more than 5 gallons to flourish independently, with no addition of the betta.

Increased cohabitants mean increased bioload or lots of inhabitants creating waste materials. As waste materials reduce it becomes pollutants like ammonia which can boost the pH of your tank ’s water. This may make your fish sick. Therefore, a filtration system is essential for a community container.

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Betta tankmates are a fundamental element of a wholesome betta container and can improve your fish’s sociable life and longevity when chosen properly. Give your fish the right roomies and he’ll incentive you with many years of pleasure and good health.

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