Betta Fish Water Temp

Betta Fish Water Temp – The Ideal Temperature For A Betta Fish

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Betta fish water temp

Siamese fighting fish are really some impressive fish to have in your house. These plain things look gorgeous, they have outstanding personalities, plus they are really fun to view. Fish keeping is an excellent hobby that people wouldn’t normally trade for anything in the world.

However, exactly like with any other creature out there that you could keep in your house, there are always a certain number of things you must do to guarantee the health of your fighting fish, probably the most considerations to be on point with when keeping a betta fish is tank temperature.

Let’s discuss betta tank temperature and why it really is so very important to their health insurance and happiness.

Standard Fish Tank Temperature

Betta splendens are usually not picky with regards to tank parameters, but there exists a certain temperature range of which they are likely to thrive.

In their native environment, these fish are used to tropical temperatures, so a tank for fighting fish is most appropriate maintained at a temperature between 74 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit or 25.5 and 26.5 Celsius.

Like many species of fish, betta splendens can handle tolerating slight changes in tank temperature but extreme changes could possibly be problematic.

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The Maximum Temperature

The absolute optimum temperature that your betta tank could possibly be at 30 degrees Celsius or 86 degrees Fahrenheit. Any greater than that and you are pretty much cooking your fish.

You will observe weird behavior in your betta fish if the water is too warm. Of all first, they’ll begin to be erratic within their swimming and also overactive, or quite simply they’ll swim a lot more, faster, and in various patterns than in water of ideal temperature.

After an extended time period, this might cause stress and death, plus their immune systems may also be weakened. At the very least, having water that’s too hot is certainly bad for the physical or mental health of your betta splendens.

Can You Keep Bettas In Cold Water?

In the event that you put a Chinese fighting fish in cold water, the very first thing that you’ll notice is lethargy and a lack of appetite. It is because cold water will decelerate a betta fish’s metabolism, thus causing it to consume less and also have less energy.

Moreover, cold water can make them vulnerable to illness because of a compromised immune system. Finally, water that’s way too cold will efficiently cool-down your Chinese fighting fish to the idea of freezing, nearly like hypothermia for a person.


Though Siamese fighting fish can handle tolerating slight changes in tank temperature plus they are not fussy in regards to other areas of water chemistry, extreme changes in tank temperature could be detrimental to their health.

If the tank temperature in your Siamese fighting aquarium changes too drastically it might cause your fish to be stressed.

As the bodies of fighting fish have adapted to use most efficiently within a particular temperature range, prolonged contact with temperatures outside that range you could end up internal problems such as for example digestive issues.

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