Betta Fish Natural Environment

Betta Fish Natural Environment – Learn The Native Habitat Of Betta Fish

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Betta fish natural environment

Siamese fighting fish stay in rice paddies and river basins. Their natural place is approximately three-feet square. The areas where they live are relatively shallow and solid with vegetation. The streams are slow-moving and in the dry season can simply evaporate to almost nothing. At these times, bettas are pressured to live in shallow puddles where they may survive for a limited time because unlike other tropical fish, the Siamese fighting fish has a labyrinth or breathing organ, which allows it to get its air from the environment.

Where do betta come from

The fighting fish (Betta splendens) originates from areas of Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Cambodia in the river basins of the Mekong and Chao Phraya rivers. This tropical region will not get cold, no more than 50 degrees Fahrenheit in winter.

However, a lot of the 12 months it is quite warm, with temperatures achieving up to 104 degrees. Rainfall varies from hardly any rainfall in the dried out season to daily torrential rainfall in the monsoon season.

When being held as a family pet, a Chinese fighting fish will best in a warm room or a container with a little heater to modify the temp, keeping water at about 73 to 80 degrees. They don’t thrive in cold water.

The nature of fighting

Betta is aggressive naturally and breeders must therefore continually be alert to problems combining them with other fish species. In the open two male Betta splendens do not fight for the loss of life. The loser will usually retreat by the end of the battle.

However, in a container there is certainly nowhere to retreat therefore the winner will usually continue to assault the loser until this leads to the death of the losing betta fish. Therefore breeders keep a partition to split up adult male Betta splendens from harming one another

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