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Betta Fish In Nature

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Betta Fish In Nature – The betta originates from regions of Vietnam, Malaysia, Cambodia and thailand in the river basins of the Mekong and Chao Phraya rivers. They are located in rice paddies and drainage ditches, river basins and small channels. This tropical region will not get cold, no more than 50 levels Fahrenheit in winter. However, a lot of the 12 months it is quite warm, with temperatures achieving up to 104 levels. Rainfall varies from hardly any rainfall in the dried out season to daily torrential rainfall in the monsoon season. When being held as a family pet, a betta will best in a warm room or a container with a little heater to modify the heat, keeping the water at about 73 to 80 levels. They don’t thrive in cold water.


The wild betta fish appears completely different from the betta within pet stores. Crazy bettas are a boring brownish color with a darker dorsal stripe. This color provides camouflage to help them avoid predators. If they reach maturity at around 24 months of age, they may be 2.5 inches long.

The type of Betta fish fighting

Betta fighting with each other differs from European dog fighting with each other or cockfighting. The Betta battle game is more which fish is constantly on the combat unlike the other two other video games where the pets would inflict damage on one another. Normally, people before involved with Betta fish fighting, only used the fish once for fighting. The earning fish would then be utilized for breeding.

The type of the losing Betta fish throughout a fight is to swim from the winning fish without harming or killing one another. There may be instances that they kill one another when they may be under a predicament that they have to battle and kill to survive. In normal situations, there may be minor nipping involved through the combat. However, the loser only must get nipped once and it swims from the champion. Betta fights should never be fight-to-the-death kind of fighting.

Betta Breeding in It is Natural Habitat

The No. 1 question people enquire about bettas is, “Just how do bettas partner in the open without killing one another?” In fish keeping, betta owners are informed that if indeed they want to breed their betta, they have to take away the woman soon after breeding or she’ll be killed by the man. In the open, man bettas produce a bubble nest manufactured from air bubbles and saliva. When an egg-bearing feminine betta comes sniffing round the nest, the man will cover himself around her and press out the eggs. Then fertilizes them and helps to keep them securely in the bubble nest as he patrols his territory. In the open, the feminine hightails it out of there immediately after mating. Inside a fish container, there’s nowhere to perform. Bettas are territorial, which explains why they have a reputation to be “fighting fish.” They are actually just very good daddies who battle to the loss of life to safeguard their territory, bubble fry and nest.

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