Betta Fish Gender

Betta Fish Gender With Full Explanation

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For you who are still confused to distinguish the Betta fish gender, in this article I will explain in detail how to distinguish the sex of betta fish and types of betta fish on the pet store.

Betta fish gender


Color is the easiest to distinguish between male or female fighting fish. Male betta fish has a bright color while the females have a plain color


Adult Siamese fighting fish have long fins and tails that look very elegant. Unlike the male, the female’s fins and tail are not long but rounded.


You will not know the difference body of Chinese fighting fish when adult. However, male betta fish have a body and a tail that is longer than the female betta fish. In addition, the female betta fish has a small tube, called an ovipositor, visible at the bottom of its body.


Male Betta fish have an aggressive nature when meeting with other male fish. They will fight until one of them gives up and is badly injured. This is the reason why male Betta cannot be put together in one fish tank.

While the female Betta is not too aggressive but sometimes likes to bite other fish.

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Types of Betta fish

  1. Veiltail = Veiltail is a very common type for Betta Splendens. this type of fish can be marked with the tail and fins that fall down
  2. Crowntail =This type of type has a sharp tail and fins, like a king’s crown
  3. Combtail = This type is similar to Crowntail, it’s just fins and tail longer than Crowntail
  4. Double Tail = Double Tail is marked by a split tail. This fish is the only type that has a tail split in two
  5. Spadetail = As the name implies the tail of this fish is similar to a spade.
  6. Halfmoon = The tail of this fish is like a fan and its length is up to 180 degrees.
  7. Over-Halfmoon = Almost the same as Halfmoon, only the length of this tail type exceeds 180 degrees.
  8. Delta = Delta tail is similar to Halfmoon, but its length is not 180 degrees.
  9. Super Delta = Its tail is similar to the Delta type, but the Super Delta tail length reaches from 120 degrees to 160 degrees.
  10. Half-Sun = a combination of Halfmoon and Crowntail. the result is a sharp tail and the length can reach 180 degrees.
  11. Rosetail = One variant of an amazing Halfmoon type.Especially the caudal has excessive branching and overlapping which gives the appearance of a rose.
  12. Feathertail =Similar to Rosetail, but tends to have a more ruffled appearance
  13. Plakat = This type is most similar to fighting fish from its original habitat, the fish is marked with a short tail.
  14. Dumbo Ear = This type of fish is easily recognizable by the fins around gills that are similar to elephant ears.

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