Betta Clamped Fins

Betta Clamped Fins With Detail Explanation For Beginner

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Betta clamped fins start and end with water quality usually. In case your betta fish has been struck down by some disease, which is the root reason behind betta clamped fins, it’s likely credited to poor water quality. Or poor water quality may be the reason. And enhancing that may go back to your fish to the red.

Diagnosing Betta clamped fins

First, can we concur that it’s hard to keep up proper water conditions in a little dish? Well, dah! Therefore the first item to check on is how big is the container you’re maintaining your ill fish in. Whether it’s five gallons or bigger you’re doing that part alright at least. Whether it’s a teeny small dish – epic fails on your part.

How often do you need to do water changes then? They are required even though you have a purification of the system of some kind in a spot to avoid toxin build-up.

Maybe the water heater or at room temperature finally? Room temperature is alright if you retain the homely house exotic. Not really much otherwise.

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Water Quality Issues

Presuming tank size and water temp aren’t the problem have you got a trusted aquarium water test package you may use? You intend to find nitrites and ammonia levels at zero and nitrate under 20ppm.

If any issues are located by you with water, I’d turn to execute a 25% water change immediately. And another 25% in two times. Which means about 40% of water in the container will be fresh. Even though you’re at it try adding half of a teaspoon or less of good quality aquarium sodium once and for all measure.

Give that fix a while to work its magic maybe doing 10% changes almost every other day for weekly from then on. While vowing to take the time to maintain more pristine water quality in the years ahead.

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Beyond that, whether it’s not a  water quality concern you want to seize your useful LED torch which can sparkle a shiny light about them -your sickly betta fish. Now you are considering some other tell-tale indicators of disease

Is the eye clear? See any white places or platinum flecks on your fish’s body? Any kind of grayish or white cottony areas on his body anywhere? Does he appear to be having difficulty going swimming right? Are his scales pine-coned out?

In the event that you see these symptoms that could suggest various betta fish diseases are behind the clamped fins. Which more research is required to identify the ultimate way to approach treatment.

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