Can male and female bettas live together? Honestly speaking male betta fish can’t live collectively because they’ll fight with one another. Bettas like to have their own territories and if various other fish attempts to dominate these they will assault. […]

In this specific article, I wish to talk about deciding on the best size aquarium to accommodate your betta fish example 2.5 gallon betta tank. There are a great number of different vases, bowls, and small tanks on the marketplace […]

Baby bettas absolutely need smaller conditions. Bigger ones can cause stress for various reasons. 2-3 gallons is usually the suggested size. The heat must also be greater than that of a grown-up betta, 80 levels Fahrenheit (27 levels Celsius). You’ll […]

Betta fish are extremely sensitive to changes in water temp. Based on your geographical area, your fish would be a little too warm than a little too chilly rather. to avoid unwanted things, the next information about the best temperature […]

Betta clamped fins start and end with water quality usually. In case your betta fish has been struck down by some disease, which is the root reason behind betta clamped fins, it’s likely credited to poor water quality. Or poor […]