The Fighting Fish

Lifespan Of A Betta Fish – Betta fish is a species of the gourami family that is also called the aquarium fish. A few of you may know them with the name SIAMESE FIGHTING FISH It really is stylish and […]

Betta fish life span without food – Betta fish is very enjoyable because they look aggressive and beautiful. It is pointed out that betta fish will not require to care and attention too much. You will find explanations why the […]

Lifespan Of Betta Fish In bowl – A betta requires a heated, filtered container of at least 2.5 gallons to thrive. Like any other fish, their waste produces ammonia, this ammonia is toxic to the fish, and must be removed. […]

Chinese fighting fish A.K.A Betta fish is freshwater fish from Southeast Asia. In the open, these fish reside in warm waters such as streams, paddy areas, and irrigation stations. How Long Do Betta Fish Live In A Bowl Generally in […]

The vacation season is here and also you want to have a few days holiday, but betta fish at home will be remaining few days, the question is how long can a betta fish endure without food on holiday? In […]

Do Betta Fish Sleep On their Side – This is a short bit of information about the sleeping habits and tenancies of Betta Fish, it’s to the idea and succinct. Please read below to discover more information. Do Betta Fish […]