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Neon tetra is a type or kind of freshwater fish from Characidae family which is typically the most popular aquarium fish. Except its attractive appearance, the fish is peaceful and has high adaptivity also, and it doesn’t require any specific care.

This is a small schooling fish that grows to be up to 4 cm (1,57 in) long, lifespan is approximately 3-4 years. Fish back is dark, olive drab shaded, its abdomen is silvery.

Fish has a neon opalescent stripe from the eye to its flesh fin and the stripe color varies from turquoise blue to saturated dark blue color. Male has a straight stripe and the female’s tripe is a little curved in the middle.

There are a few species of the fish which have a greenish stripe, not blue and the amateur aquarists name it “green neon fish”.

neon colored fish

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Tropical fish Beautiful colors Marine Life from neon colored fish ,
Red Neon Blue Eye
Pseudomugil sp red neon Red Neon Blue Eye from neon colored fish ,
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Royal Angelfish second version Nature Lover from neon colored fish ,
Rainbow fish
Rainbow fish I Wish I had a FISH Pinterest from neon colored fish ,
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How Neon Tetra Disease Can Harm many of Your Aquarium Fish from neon colored fish ,
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Serpae Tetra for sale Fish Pinterest from neon colored fish ,
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cute little fish Pisces Pinterest from neon colored fish ,
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